"AirHelp" which can recover money when delaying or canceling an airplane

Even if you get to the airport to get on an airplane, there are delays due to equipment problems and weather, and in rare cases it is decided by strikesOverbookingIt is rare that troubles such as refusal of boarding by the airplane will not be able to ride on the flight that was buying the airline ticket. In many cases, correspondence such as refund, alternative flight, hotel arrangement etc will be taken, but overseas the service "AirHelp" on behalf of the airline to substitute compensatory payment based on the passenger's possession It was started.

AirHelp - Get compensation from delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights

This service mainly invests in startup companiesY CombinatorIt is based on the investment of the company and is based on the law stipulating the passenger's rights in the EU area and the United States on behalf of an application for compensation that can be billed to an airline company.

36036 1. 1 - LexUriServ.do(Europe: PDF file)

ECFR - Code of Federal Regulations(America)

Since the legal basis for compensation is European and American, the case that can be claimed is limited. The case that can receive compensation in the case of Europe is as follows. If it is a flight by an EU airline company, all flights are covered, but for non-EU airline companies, "From within the EU to the outside of the EU area" and "from within the EU into the EU" Only flights originating from the EU are eligible for compensation.

The table below summarizes the compensation amount by case, you can see the delayed time when flight "delay", "cancel", "overbooking" occurred, and the appearance of being prescribed for each flight distance. The compensation amount increases as the distance is longer, and it is stated that you can receive compensation of up to 800 dollars (about 80,000 yen).

However, depending on the cause of the trouble or when the flight passes through multiple way points, it may not be eligible for compensation. Therefore, AirHelp listens to the situation when applying from the user and judges whether it is included in the scope of application.

In the United States, there is no provision to compensate for delay / cancellation troubles, and covered will be limited only when boarding refusal is done. The contents of compensation are stipulated every time the arrival at the destination by the alternative flight is delayed, no compensation when it is within 1 hour, trouble of 1 to 2 hours (domestic flight) and 4 hours (international flight) In the case of 200% of the ticket price purchased up to 650 dollars (about 67,000 yen), 2 to 4 hours (domestic flight) and 4 hours (international flight), it is 1,300 dollars (about 135 thousand There is a provision that 400% of the ticket price will be compensated with an upper limit on yen).

Application for compensation can be done from a browser or an application for smartphones. For the browser, click "Start your claim now".

Select the type of trouble and click.

Enter the departure place and arrival place of the applicable flight. I tried flights from France 's Charles de Gaulle airport to Amsterdam' s Schiphol Airport.

Choose whether you are direct flight or via flight.

It is possible to select up to 4 stops.

Specify flight number and date.

Enter the delayed total time, its cause, accompanying person, reservation number, mail address.

The delay time can be chosen from four options.

The reasons are selected from six items: "technical problems", "bad weather", "effects from other flights", "airport facility problems", "strikes", "no explanation".

After entering everything, click "Submit" to send the request to AirHelp. The contents of the flight are all fictitious.

The reception completion screen was displayed with the title of "Hurrah! (Banzai!)". In the text, it was stated that there was a possibility of receiving compensation of 250 pounds (about 42,600 yen) from the content of the request and that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete the procedure.

The fee for using this service is 25% of the compensation amount, but in the case that you can not receive the fee, it is a complete success fee system which does not cost anything.

Although it is a service that can not be used in Japan at the moment, it may be effective in knowing the existence when it is necessary.

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