A movie that explained Lego in an easy-to-understand manner "What is open source?"

Software that makes the source code widely available and redistributes the software itself freely is called "open source software", and the source codeGitHubAlthough it is published as, etc., in the first place "Open SourceWhat is? "It is explainable in a movie using Lego in an easy-to-understand manner.

Open Source explained in LEGO - YouTube

"Open source is to share various recipes originally for free so that anyone can use it," said Lego doll Jones.

In the 1980s,Richard StallmanA man named men tried repairing a broken printer by himself ... ...

The printer maker at the time did not disclose the source of the black box inside the printer, and Stallman could not repair the printer by himself. This setback is said to be the beginning of the current open source activity.

The advantages of open source can be roughly divided into four. The first one is "anyone can access".

The second advantage is that "Recipes can be modified, modified, redistributed freely".

"It is not bound by constraints of manufacturers" is the third advantage.

The fourth advantage is "high cooperation degree".

Dave of the skateboarder appeared to explain the crisp open source.

In the skateboard community, all the borders practice and share their own tricks. It would be ok if anyone could look at the technique of freely skilled people and remember.

Dave sometimes makes improvements to your friends' tricks. If another person improves, another excellent trick that is beneficial to the entire community will be created.

Even if the skateboard gets broken, you do not have to take it to a dealer. Because the skateboard is made from open source, it can be repaired by a friend of the community helped.

By becoming cooperative with bargaining ideas and repairing broken boards, the level of the entire community will rise.

Susan and Michael are considering buying a house because they got new land.

Open source architect John provided three houses design to Susan.

Susan selected the leftmost design "option A". Susan added a greenhouse to Option A as it is free to change when building a house.

In order to build a house it is necessary to ask the construction company. Susan decided to use "Building Company A", but despite having an open source design drawing, the work of the employees of Building Company A is very late and the attitude is not very good.

So Susan changed its company to "Building Company B". It is an open source design drawing in which all information is disclosed, so it can easily be carried over to another company.

A house of option A was completed, solar power generation panels were also added and improved.

John, an open source architect who is pleased to be able to add good Susan and Susan's home made better by creating a good home as a new portfolio.

In addition, open-source has "myth" which is nothing but "uncontrollable", "not safe" and "all free" ... ...

The acquired project can be expanded / added freely and control is possible. In the open source community, we can cooperate together so that we can make safe products, we can unite and restrict viewing of unauthorized people, safety is maintained. Although the source of the project is all free, it does not mean that everything is free because construction costs of houses and utilities expenses after construction occur.

The author of the movie says, "I want you to understand that open source is beneficial for everyone." In addition, this movie is also open source, anyone can freely use, modify and change.

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