A hijacker from Harvard University hijacked a virtual currency and the culprit was excavating forever

ByDavide Restivo

A daily newspaper published by Harvard students "Harvard Crimson"Reported that the perpetrators of the Harvard supercomputer abused the perpetual account suspension of the perpetrators who had been digging out the virtual currency.

Harvard Research Computing Resources Misused for 'Dogecoin' Mining Operation | News | The Harvard Crimson

Harvard supercomputing cluster hijacked to produce dumb cryptocurrency | Ars Technica

"Bitcoin (bit coin)"A great virtual currency appears like the bamboo shoot after the rain all over the world. Following bit coins, many virtual currencies are "Excavation (mining)It is possible to create by using the mining hardware such as a PC with high performance, the more the virtual currency is devised as much as possible.

Inevitably, the desire to acquire many virtual currencies leads to the desire to use higher performance hardware, but the desire for that desire is the super computer "Odyssey" owned by Harvard University It is this incident that was aimed at.

I have announced the super computer rankingTop 500According to Odyssey, DELL's blade server "PowerEdge M600It is a supercomputer clustered with the Xeon E 5410, and the total number of CPU cores is 4096, with the floating point computing capacity of 32.4 trillion times per second.

Harvard Crimson reported that the perpetrator who exploited Odyssey, a supercomputer for research,Dogecoin"It was said that he was unearthing. Dogecoin,MemeMade a parodyShiba Inu adopted as a characterIt is an emerging virtual currency released in December 2013, as well as a bit coin can be mined on hand-held hardware, at the time of article writingDistribution priceIs 0.00000195 BTC (about 0.0039 yen) per 1 DOGE (1 piece of Dogecoin).

Information such as whether the culprit who was mining Dogecoin using Odyssey is a student or a staff member has not been disclosed at all, but by James Cuffs, Deputy Director of Harvard University Research and Computing According to him, the criminal seems to have been permanently deprived of the network access right within Harvard University. Also, it is unknown how much the culprit could have mined the amount of Dogecoin, whether it was already cashed.

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