What is the new HTTP status code "308"?

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There are many people who have seen the indications such as "404 Not Found" and "503 Service Unavailable" when browsing various websites on the net. The combination of this three digit number and message is "HTTP status codeIt is called part of the most basic mechanism of Internet technology. Although the first framework was created in the early 1990's, a new code "308 Permanent Redirect" is about to be added.

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At the first glance it seems that the current Internet technology seems to be running smoothly without any problems, and in fact there are many "tears" that are strangely found here and there. It was developed in the 1990s and started to circulate in the worldNetscape NavigatorMany of the browsers such as browsers have been tailored so that the screen of the web can be displayed without problems in appearance, and the influence remains partly in the stage of 2014 .

◆ What is "3xx code"
Three-digit numbers used in the HTTP status code, those whose first digit starts with "3" are classified into a group called "redirection". For example, if you click on a link to browse a page, the browser sends a connection request (HTTP request) to the server, and the server returns some response (HTTP response) to it. At this time, if the website you wanted does not exist due to relocation etc., the response "returned from the server is not here. Please reply to redirect ○ ○" to the redirection status code It has become. A common thing is called "301 redirect", and a website is added to a new domain (PermanentlyThis code will be used to move and redirect all connection requests sent to the old domain to the new one. Regarding 301, the following page is helpful.

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302 (Found: Discovered) "and" 307 (Temporary) "are used in the case of redirecting to another page" temporarily "by 301 (Moved Permanently: permanently moving) Redirect: Temporary Redirect) "code. However, here may be a question that "Who needs to tell" permanent "or" temporary "to whom? Rather, it's not for people who browse the site, but search engines like Google are searching forindexWhich is a program for creatingCrawlerThing for. Search engine ranking web pages (Page Rank), It is an element for judging from the type of code "This page has moved to a new domain, OK, let's move the ranking asset that the original page had" and so on, It plays a very important role in improving ranking accuracy.

ByKatherine Johnson

Originally 301 and 302 were redirect codes that were mainly used, but various problems and contradictions will arise as the operation spreads. Especially in the case of 302 (temporary redirect), since it became rampant in the act of using this code even when I wanted to transfer to other URL with bulletin board etc. instead of original usage, we added 303 (See Other : See other) and 307 (Temporary Redirect)New code establishedIt was done.

◆ Rewrite method
There are two kinds of connection requests (HTTP request) that are sent from the web client such as a browser to the server.GET methodWhenPOST methodAlthough it is what is called, it is differently used depending on the difference in the way each data is held. Since the GET method includes relatively simple contents such as URL information, POST method can include large data and files internally, so you can send data to the server, send form information and ID · password information It is also possible to include such as.

This method may be changed when the server returns "3xx" redirect response. Since the POST method will contain more sensitive information, it is more likely that if you change to the GET method it will cause a variety of problems, but this is because the original 301 Permanent) or 302 (temporary) code was a problem caused by rewriting rules ambiguous. Therefore, in the new code, the provision on method rewriting will be clarified, 302 is filled with 307, and what was newly proposed to make 301 more strict is "308" That's why.

Note that this status code 308 indicates that the current creationInternet draftSince it is advocated in, many browsers other than the latest Firefox are not supported yet. Whether the currently used browser is compatible can access the following page and try it out.

308 Redirect

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