Succeeded in developing a portable military pizza that the US military can eat even if left for three years

Since 1981, in the US militaryBattle provision(Relation · so-calledMilimesshi) Was individually packaged from what it was canned type and became lightweightMRE(Meal, Ready-to-Eat). Currently there are 20 kinds of menu called MRE, but finally it was awaited in every sense "pizza"Will be added to that menu.

Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years

This is the prototype version of the portable pizza in the packaged state. It is contained in a transparent plastic bag, but in fact it is a special type with oxygen scavengerA pouchIt is supposed to be put in and stored.

Pizza being manufactured in the laboratory's fantastic atmosphere somehow. In pizza made by usual manufacturing method, moisture contained in tomato sauce and so on will soak into the fabric and become a bizzy pizza, but at the laboratory, after several years of development period, It was said that it was solved. Moreover, by adjusting the acidity value of the dough, sauce and cheese, we succeeded in suppressing the breeding and oxidation of the bacteria.

As a result, a pizza can be eaten without problems even if left for 3 years in an environment with an ambient temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Basically a salami-like pepperoni was toppedPepperonipizaHowever, for soldiers who can not eat pork, turkey pizza using turkeys will be prepared as well.

The dedicated special pouch has a structure in which a metallic film is sandwiched between sheets, and it is made to block the passage of air at all.

Although it is the taste of the key, the dough is not too crispy, rather it is more moderate, rather than a pizza rather than a pizza bread that is close to the texture. According to the researcher's woman, "It is similar to pizza bread made by burning at home, but the only thing is that it is not warm and it is at normal temperature," he says.

Since the change to MRE in 1981, the popular menu among soldiers of the US military seems to be spaghetti, but it is this pizza menu that many requests were received in the past . Even Pizza is a serious "military goods" that influences the morale of one country's troops, and still "Logistics(Heaton) ", so it may be possible to lead to results that influence the history of the world in a critical phase.

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