"The most disliked man on the Internet" arrested by FBI What is Hunter Moore?

On January 23, 2014,FBIIs "The most disliked man on the Internet"aboutHunter Moore(Hunter Moore) arrested the suspect. The main allegation is to hack and infiltrate many computers and acquire personal information including photographs of naked bodies stored in a protected e-mail account, but in the end it is even more serious The reality that damage is born is lying.

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Rolling Stone(Rolling Stone) Moore, who named the paper "The Man Who Dislikes the Internet", was once a pornographic site that posted many nude photosIs Anyone Up?Although it operated, it is closed now. At first glance, "Is Anyone Up?" That looked like a pornographic site with only a lot of nude pictures posted, but the problem is what is in the picture. Many of the pictures sent to this site are a past relationship and a man and a woman harrying that it was catastrophic posting a partner's nude image or movie without permissionRevenge pornIt was what was called.

According to the indictment filed in the Federal Court, Moore suspects obtaining an image by paying 200 dollars per week (about 20 thousand yen) knowing that it was illegally acquired by accessing the mail account It is said that. PayPal account created by pseudonym is used to disguise deal, and Charles Evans suspect as an accomplice is arrested.

They were accused of seven unauthorized accesses and severe charges of seven malicious "impersonations", and if they are convicted they will be sentenced to a maximum of five years imprisonment for both offenses It is seen as becoming. Between the two people are dealing "Continue to ask for hacking by giving money", and on December 8, 2011 6 naked men and 6 women naked were photographed In exchange for 250 dollars (about 25,000 yen at the time of the time) at that time, Moore allegedly sent an e-mail to Evans on January 16, 2012 with "Send more photos" It has been revealed that the realities of concrete transactions existed.


The site "Is Anyone Up?" Launched by Moore is closed in 2012, but at the peak there are 300,000 page views in one month, and from the advertisements displayed on the site 10,000 I earned income equal to or more than the dollar (about 800,000 yen at that rate). In addition to being not only a lot of nude pictures of the ex-parties who broke up were posted on the site, there were also cases where personal information such as the full name of the opponent, occupation, profile on the social media and address was contained, and later PayPal suspected Blocked the account of the person, Facebook has banned the link to this site.

One day, a woman who posted nude photos on the site visited Moore 's suspect together with his father. Despite persuading his father to delete the photo, the woman did not do it well so the woman attacked Moore's shoulder and pierced the ballpoint pen. To remove the ballpoint pen, Moore rushed to the hospital and a scar on his shoulder remained, but at that time he caught the head of Moore's suspect "Okay, this is the best It is surprising because it was said that it was what you wanted to be. After that, he encountered the danger of life threatening, he said that he was forced to change the mobile phone number each month, sometimes living in hiding behind the grandmother's house.


Besides that, I'm sorry to say that my daughter "cyber rape" was done to the father of the victim who was exposed to a nude photograph, but that girl understood the technology well You said that it was a strange thing to say, "Why did you do it?"

Moore suspect was arrested and the site was closed but the damage caused by such "revenge porn" is spreading even in Japan, so to prevent such damage at the political levelMovement to promote legislationHas begun.

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