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It began on February 6, 2014 (local time)Sochi Olympics 201498 events will be held during the 16-day session, and many athletes compete for that technology. Photographers from all over the world are trying to cut valuable moments that such athletes show, but it is one of the world's leading digital content companiesGetty ImagesMr. Adam Pretty who is one of the photographers belonging to him talks about various tips on photographing sports competitions.

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Mr. Preti said that he started photographing after being shocked by the picture he saw at the age of 16. "Although it can be said in any camera shooting, there are tens of thousands of approaches to the subject" I will. It is a newspaper company in Sydney, AustraliaSydney · Morning · HeraldMr. Preti who started the photographer's career in belonging to Getty Images from 1998 onwards. Since then, we have put precious moments in the camera at the five Olympic sites.

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The most important point in Mr. Pret's thinking about photography is "to find your own position." The photograph that was shocked when he was 16 years old contains a unique moment that I have never seen before and photographers who took the picture are asked to teach by entering the Herald paper to which they belong It seems to have made it.

"When you shoot with techniques similar to those of other cameramen, you will not be able to remember your name without anything else", Mr. Preti has been acquiring numerous awards for sports-related photographs I will.

"When you put in pictures of sports, it is very important for the athlete to meet at the moment of cutting the goal or at the moment of delight, but in my case I tried new ideas and tried other than that in the past It is equally as important that challenging a composition that is never done, "said Mr. Pretty. Photographers gather at the same point in order to take pictures of something "sell" on the page or net, but Mr. Preit takes risks and dares to ask shooting points elsewhere. For Mr. Preti, the challenge for seeking a composition different from other cameramen is "one of enjoyment".

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In the case of competition using trucks such as luge, "Mr. Pretty says," I enter the hall earlier than anyone else and do preliminary inspection from the start point to the goal and find my own "best position" In addition, we will use the practice session before the game to verify various places and photography techniques and prepare for production. A total of 69 photographers have been dispatched from Getty Images, which Mr. Preti belongs to, and even friends exchange information, but Mr. Pret also sticks to his own convincing location and finds the "best position" In order to do it, I may walk around an hour or two. "

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Also, how to arrange the communication environment on the ground is one of the keys. At Getty Images, a proprietary network has been established to bring photograph data by transferring 20 kilometers of optical fiber communication cable to the venue and connecting the main press center from each competition venue.

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However, unexpected moments will come in sports scenes. Mr. Pretty says "Prepare is important, but of course it is equally important to feel the events that occur on the site. I do not collect information on the website beforehand so as not to have a fixed idea Once you see something, it is difficult to throw away that image, "he says about the importance of responding flexibly to that moment.

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Equipment brought for Mr. Preity to the Sochi Winter Olympics is two cameras, six lenses and an auxiliary lensTeleconverterIt is said to be a "very ordinary" combination. It is recommended that Mr. Pretty recommends the following lenses to take when taking sport photos such as the Olympic Games.

· Super telephoto single focus400 mm f / 2.8
· Telephoto zoom70-200 mm f / 2.8
· Standard zoom24-70 mm f / 2.8(Or monofocal50 mm f / 1.2)
· Wide angle zoom16 - 35 mm f / 2.8(Or monofocal24 mm f / 1.4)

And furthermore, the following equipment is also useful in the field.

·A monopod
·Heal(Because it is often forced to take a picture of the knee in the field)

Three lenses from wide angle to telephoto zoom with f / 2.8 through (so-calledLarge three-dimensional lensIn addition to 400 mm single focal length lenses, you will be prepared to spend a little over 1 million yen, but it seems to be indispensable to stick to equipment in order to get a good picture as well. If the Large Ternary lens is severe, a combination of the so-called "small three yuan" with an open aperture value of f / 4 is also sold by each company, so it may be Ari to consider that. It may be that a combination of equipment and technique, preliminary preparations and events of that moment will produce a wonderful photograph.

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In the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Games that began on February 7, 2014, the camera also holds the "moment" that the Olympic symbol of the Olympics symbolizing the Olympics symbol will not be reproduced successfully but "four wheels".

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