The iOS version of the application "Noddy Alarm clock.Kanon" that stops sister sister raising every morning is resurrected

Over 70,000 downloads on the Android version, the iOS version was once deleted by Apple, but in response to a hot request from the user, it passed through Apple's over 20 judgments and redelivered for the first time in a year and four months I said that the free alarm clock application "Alarm clock in the middle. Honor"is.

Alarm clock in the middle. Honor

The application can be downloaded for free from the following.

Alarm clock for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad delivered on iTunes App Store

First, tap "Install" from "Free".

Tap "OK".

The installed icon looks something like this. Tap to start.

As the top page starts up, voice will appear, such as "Yahoo!" so be careful. Because the volume was maximized, all the editorial staff became turbulent. Touch this if you are in this room, your talking and facial expressions will change.

You can check from the movie from below how the touched touches talk to you.

Touched with "Alarm clock.Kanon" and tried using the function to talk - YouTube

Every time you touch it, the voice is activated randomly, so that you are concerned that "Kanon is here!" Or "What's wrong?"

While being embarrassed, I will be asked "Can I sleep with you today ...?

After enjoying conversation with Kanon, when you tap the mark on the lower left ... ...

The menu screen for making various settings is displayed. Tap the "clock" mark to set the alarm clock.

Tap '+' in the upper right.

Then you are asked "Okonchan, what time should you wake me up?", Tap "OK" when setting the alarm name, day of the week, and wake-up time.

"Yeah! I got it!" Alarm set with a cheerful reply was completed.

You can see how you actually stopped the alarm by stroking whether the alarm is ringing and waking up.

When you wake me up in "Alarm clock with Kanon" such feeling - YouTube

Launch the application when the alarm goes off.

When you slide as you stroke the head of the baby waking up as "get up happy!", The gauge gathers at the bottom of the screen and gets caught ...

The mechanism that the alarm stops when the gauge reaches MAX. While the alarm is activated, if you press the home button or the power button, the application stops, but because the gauge is slow to accumulate, when you go out, such as when you unexpectedly ring I can do it.

Kanon can also download costume and voice, change clothing to your favorite clothes and add spoken dialogue. Tap "gifts" from the menu screen ......

"Oh, oh ... and you want a gift ......" and bewildering, a dressing costume and voice selection screen is displayed. Those written as "download" are available for free, and those with "fee to buy" are charged at 200 yen per charge, and if you tap it, you can purchase it as in-app billing and download it .

To change to the downloaded costume, tap the mark inside the red frame from the menu screen.

Tap on "change clothes" of the costume you want to change, it will be changed.

Returning to the room, I was wearing "Spring Color Cardigan and Floral Pattern Skirt" ......

You can have "Ground Self Defense Force winter clothes" wearing.

Also, to change the downloaded voice, tap the "microphone" mark on the menu screen.

By switching "ON / OFF" from the voice list, you can change the voice of the conversation or alarm when you are in the room.

Costume-linked voice is automatically turned on at the time of changing clothes, but there are things that can not be set for different voices of costumes, such as setting "yandereboy" when wearing "Ground Self Defense Force winter clothes".

"Alarm clock.Kanon" is an application that should be woken up with a comfortable feeling unlike an inorganic alarm clock application, so it is free so there is no loss even if you install it for the time being. But,According to the review column of the Android versionSome people say "Alarm clock has burst out accidentally" Some people say "I can not stop the alarm in order to keep listening to the voice", so care must be taken in various ways.

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