Scientifically proved "my future is other people's affairs"

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I understand that to human beings "If you do now or do not do it now, bad things will happen in the near future", such as smoking cigarettes and drinking or drinking in spite of the possibility of having a bad influence on the body in the future Even if it is, actual action may not accompany it. According to a psychologist, humans have a tendency to think like the others rather than themselves when imagining the future, which seems to have a serious influence on the decision making of the brain.

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Business graduate school of New York UniversityLeonard · N · Stern · School"In psychological and emotional dimensions, we humans think about our future as if they are others," said Hal Hershfield, associate professor at the University of Tokyo.

Hershfield said "FMRIWe conducted a survey on "activities of the brain at the time of thinking about the present and the future" using a method of visualizing blood flow dynamics responses related to brain and spinal activity. The research team led by Mr. Hershfield gazed at and investigated in the brainMedial prefrontal cortexWhenAnterior cingulate cortexIt is an area called human being actively moving when thinking about others than himself.

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As a result of the survey, when we are thinking about the future rather than the present, we can see that the medial prefrontal cortex and the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain are moving more actively, and the brain working at "thinking about others" and "when thinking about the future" It was found that the areas of the same are identical. According to Mr. Hershfield, even in thinking about the future in the brain, there is a level of neural activity almost the same as when talking about entertainers when talking with friends.

Also, in 2008Princeton UniversityEmily Pronin, a psychologist, also reports similar results to Mr. Hershfield. Mr. Pronin told the student, "I will do an experiment to examine the disgusting feeling by drinking mixed beverages made by mixing soy sauce and ketchup." I divided the students into two groups, I told that one group "immediately after" and another group "I will do the experiment in the next semester" and asked how much I could drink, The group that I was told to do the experiment soon answered "I can drink 2 spoons or so," while the other group replied "I can drink about half a glass." Mr. Pronin has concluded from this experiment that "When you imagine yourself in the future, you will be as irresponsible as you think about others."

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Hershfield says, "When you think about others, it is not always irresponsible when you think about others, but you can sacrifice important friends and families There is a statement that he continues his research as to whether there is a method that can effectively utilize this brain's characteristics against future health problems such as obesity and financial problems.

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