Tests are under way to deliver beer from shops using flying drone

A compact unmanned aircraft that delivers goods to home within 30 minutes after Amazon orderedDrone"We have started experiments for commercialization, but in the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin in the United States experiments are being carried out to deliver bottled beer by drone. Before Amazon's droneAir regulation is upAlthough this drone seems to be clearing the air regulation for a certain reason though it is.

Lakemaid Beer

MINNEAPOLIS: Lakemaid Beer Tests Drone Delivery on Frozen Northern Lakes | Business Press Releases | Fort Mill Times

Beer delivery Delivery from the following movie is shown by the drone.

Lakemaid Beer Drone Delivery - YouTube

A sign called "BAIT TACKLE".

Is it a BAIT (fishing) related shop?

A man who receives orders by phone in the shop.

It is not the address but the location information of latitude and longitude.

The clerk who ordered picked up the bottled beer from the refrigerator ... ...

When settled in the drones it is set in the shop front.

When the drones rotate the propeller ......

It flew away.

Beer delivery started.

A man looking up at the drone. Beer drone is unexpectedly low-altitude flight.

It's on the frozen lake that the drones fly.

This is a sight from the drone. A small building on the ice is a trailer house to enjoy fishing.

Drone arrived at the delivery point of the location information that the man previously noted.

When I put the beer case on the ice surface I flew away again.

The customer ordered the beer ......

I will bring beer to a fellow who enjoys fishing.

Beer that drinks while fishing on ice seems to be delicious.

This beer / drone delivery will sell seasonal beer in Minnesota / WisconsinLakemaidBeerIt is an unmanned delivery service under experiment, targeting anglers who enjoy fishing on ice.

President Jack Sapy of LakemaidBeer said, "Amazon is a droness delivery service in the cityFederal Aviation Administration (FAA)Although I am struggling with the air regulation of Lakemaid Beer, because Lakemaid Beer is a delivery service on a frozen lake, I can let the drones fly lower. Since there are no trees, no electric wires and no big buildings, we can fly a drone straight to the delivery point. "

As Lakemaid Beer's ice beer and drone delivery service not only clears FAA regulations but also needs to establish a way to confirm that the ordering party is drinking age it is not yet available to start the service It is said that it will take a little time.

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