The prospect that Amazon will provide Kurele with a system that can be settled at Kureka for retailers

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Practical use plan of delivery service using unmanned airplaneWe announced,Acquire a system patent that predicts and reduces delivery time before buyers buyWe found that Amazon, which develops new services one after another, is trying to provide a traditional retail store with a settlement system that can be used with Kindle tablets as part of a new business.

Amazon to Offer Kindle Checkout System to Physical Retailers -

Wall Street JournalAccording to Amazon, planning to provide the settlement system available in the Kindle series, which is the company's tablet product, to conventional small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in business activities using retail and distribution systems that rely on shops and warehouses There is that. As a plan, we plan to offer Kindle tablet and credit card reader to retailers from around the summer of 2014, and planning may include not only hardware but also services such as website development and data analysis .


According to information obtained by the Wall Street Journal, this plan is not official, so it seems there is a possibility of change or postponement, but in realizingEBayAdopted byPayPalOr sell a credit card readerSquareWill enter full-scale entry into the settlement market which will sharpen the pace.

Amazon had developed a smartphone settlement businessAcquisition of GoPagoIn December 2013 and former employees of GoPago are deeply involved in building a new payment system. In this plan, the target is focused on small and medium-sized retailers that are easy to introduce systems, rather than large enterprises that introduce complicated and difficult to replace settlement systems.

ByNiall Kennedy

Amazon has the advantage of possessing 230 million credit card information that exceeds 142.6 million people's accounts owned by PayPal, but business with small and medium-sized retailers Because there are few experiences, there are disadvantages of customers' data management and we are paying attention to the future development of Amazon in the future in the settlement market.

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