Microsoft has released 20 billion pixel 360 degree panoramic photos

Commercial high-performance cameras are tens of megapixels (tens of millions of pixels) at most, even if they are expensive, but the Microsoft laboratory is to seamlessly connect photographic data taken with 20 million pixel class cameras using software We produced panoramic photos equivalent to 20 gigapixels (20 billion pixels), and this is a special site "Gigapixel ArtZoomIt is open to the public.

Gigapixel ArtZoom

You can check the state of the 20-megapixel large panorama shot with the following making movie.

Multi-Billion Pixel Panoramic Photo Shoot: Seattle, Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

A decisive moment when a woman was bounced up by her feet.

As we zoom out, ....

It is smaller and smaller.

You can see that it was shooting from far away that you can not see with the naked eye.

A woman looking into a decisive moment with binoculars and a man who pushes the shutter of the camera according to a woman's cue. Apparently it seems to be shooting with a telephoto lens from the far side of the building.

A man who gives instructions while peeping at the screen of the camera.

The performer who raises the snake according to the instructions issued subtly changes the standing position.

They are members of Microsoft Laboratories and are carrying out a project called "Gigapixel ArtZoom".

Gigapixel ArtZoom joins numerous photos together to create a 360 degree panoramic imagePhotosynthIn the project that developed, the zoomed images are all joined together.

As a result, you can enjoy the images you created as detailed pictures even if you zoom to anything. The converted maximum number of pixels is 20 giga pixels (20 billion pixels) of the threat.

Before zooming in, you can see the performers participating in the Gigapixel ArtZoom project there.

A car decorated with fashion items.

I am balancing on books.

Is the man in a mysterious mask form, "Ronne Magritte" son of a man "?

This man is putting shoes on his crutch.

Two women who relax and spread the sheets at the garden. If you look closely at the seat ......

A camouflaged man was hiding.

More than 2000 pictures were taken to realize 20 billion pixels.

The roof of a skyscraper that is the shooting place I saw from the ground.

Camera for photography is made by Canon.

Volunteers also participate in numerous artists in the project.

A large amount of photographed images are processed at Microsoft laboratory, and one piece is joined together ... ...

With this feeling it turns into a panorama of 20 billion pixels.

No matter how much the panoramic picture is zoomed ......

Crisp image.

You can also check the expression of people.

Gigapixel ArtZoom can enjoy a large panoramic landscape taken at 360 degrees from a skyscraper in Seattle, USA, with 20 billion pixels. It seems fun to look for performers that are hiding behind the scenes as well as the scenic views, as the making movies hide.

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