What are the evils and the causes of the open office?


The style of the office room to unite on a large floor is "Open office"Although it is common in large companies and the like, the risk that this style causes various adverse effects is pointed out. What are the evils of the open office and its causes?

The Open-Office Trap: The New Yorker

The open office is said to be first introduced in Hamburg, Germany in the 1950s, with the objective of activating team communication and enhancing teamwork. After that, the open office style was also popular all over the world due to its advanced image, and it was adopted not only in companies but also in schools and the like.

Bad office of open office
However, surprising results were obtained in a study of a psychology research team at the University of Calgary, who investigated employees of Canadian oil companies that changed their office room arrangement to an open office style. The research team investigated each employee's satisfaction level, stress level, productivity, interpersonal relationship before moving, after 4 months moving and 10 months after moving, after the move, all the factors It was confirmed that it worsened with. Employees feel that the new open office was more stressful than before, and feeling a close affinity with colleagues was lost, and productivity was also declining.

In addition, in 2011, psychologist Dr. Matthew Davis reviewed the past work on the office environment and the open office makes employees feel like the spacious space is an innovative company While it may increase loyalty to the company, it narrows down the range of attention of workers and reduces creative thinking, satisfaction and productivity. In addition, it turned out that the concentration was reduced and the motivation to work declined due to high stress, and badly it seems that this trend became clear as more advanced employees are.



From the viewpoint of psychology, closely related to "privacy" is pointed out about such evils caused by open offices. Psychologically, it is thought that human ability will be enhanced when moderately privacy is preserved, where privacy is not sufficiently secured in the open office environment, stress is generated and the productivity declines That is why it happens.

Also, in psychology, human beings feel helpless when they realize that things can not be controlled by themselves, resulting in poor performance as a result. Since lighting and room temperature are uniform throughout the floor in the open office, the range of control is narrow in that the work environment can not be changed / adjusted, so that employees may feel helpless and productivity may be reduced about it.



In addition to the psychological impacts mentioned above, the physical impact is also pointed out as to why the open office creates harmful effects. In the open office environment, it is impossible to avoid troubles concerning "noise".

According to Dr. Nick Palm, there is a correlation between noise and cognitive ability, and the bustle in the office hurts the information processing ability and computing ability. Also, in a joint study by Dr. Gary Evans and Dr. Dana Johnson of Cornell University, clerical staff exposed to noise for three hours at the open office,Struggle or getaway or reaction"is connected withAdrenalineI was able to confirm the rise in the level. In other words, it became clear that the noise in the office felt stress similar to fear.

In addition, the noise is to perform multiple tasks in parallel at the same timeMultitaskingIt has an adverse effect on. According to Dr. Anthony Bergner of Stanford University, a severe multi-tasker has a low capability to deal with small events of little relevance to himself and is known to be susceptible to external influences, whereas in open office environments colleagues It often means that work is disturbed and work efficiency of the multi-tasker becomes very worse.

In recent years IT has tended to be as multitasker as young people, and ironically it seems that they adore the open office as much as such a young person and want to live in such an environment. However, the open office environment means that multitaskers are in danger of reducing productivity.

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