It turns out that the office with no partition affects health and spirit by lowering productivity

ByNathan Rupert

Regarding room space and facilitiesFacility ManagementI am doing research onIFMAAbout 70% of all employees working in the United States are working in an open office without divisions, and recently, if completed, the design of the Facebook office extension work, which is the largest area of ​​the world,Frank GehryIt seems that open offices are becoming mainstream in America, including Mr. Design. However, working at an open office does not seem to have a positive influence on the performance and health of employees, and it is transmitting information on businessQuartzBased on research reports gathered from all over the world, we disclose the disadvantages of the open office.

Open-plan offices make employees less productive, less happy, and more likely to get sick - Quartz

Investigation of Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and HealthAccording to the employee working at the open office is the space where each person is partitionedClosed officeIt is 62% more sick days than employees working in. Because it is a space where people are densely populated, viruses and bacteria are easy to diffuse, stress caused by lack of privacy at the workplace seems to be the cause of increasing sickness.

ByNathan Rupert

Also, to 259 people working in the Hong Kong officeImportant points for creating a comfortable working environmentI heardResearch by researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityAccording to the workplacesoundWhentemperatureIs an important factor in constructing a good work environment and the most irritating sound is conversation between employees and mobile ring tones and the open office also reduces the performance of employees in this regard It seems to be.

Employees working at an open office are less productive than people working at closed offices,Virginia State UniversityandNorth Carolina State UniversityfromResearch by researchersI understand. According to the survey results, motivation to work, low satisfaction, lack of privacy at work, etc. seem to have an adverse effect on the productivity of employees working at the office. Also, about the environment and human acts that the University of Calgary studiedReportEven those who transferred work environments from closed offices to open offices are reported to have increased stress, dissatisfaction with the workplace environment and reduced productivity. The survey team re-examined the same person as last time six months after the survey findings, they said that they are still dissatisfied with the work environment and are interfering with human relationships in the workplace.

ByDonna White

Cornell UniversityDepartment of ergonomicsAlan HedgeA professor'sthe studyAccording to an ergonomic designer who worked on an employee with a desk with a convenient function, those who understood the function well improved the production rate, but well understood about the function There was no effect for those who were not. Even if the open office was designed based on ergonomics, it seems that it makes no sense if you do not know how to use it.

ByGraham Holliday

Also, I know that the workplace environment is also related to the absence of employees, and Dutch researchersPaul RowlofsenAccording to the survey results that Mr. made to 7,000 Dutch employees, it is known that employees were absent from 2.5 days due to poor workplace environment, mostly due to workplace temperature concerns was.

ByEric Murray

For employees, the workplace environment is very important and has a tremendous impact on the work and health of our employees. The open office looks cool, but if you emphasize its design and create work environments that will negatively impact employees, it will be a toss overturn.

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