Difficulty of 'achievement test' introduced after center test abolition is known

Today is the final day of the center exam, while the student is putting on the last sport, the whole examination system will be reviewed after five years from the center exam,Achievement test(Provisional name) "is scheduled to be installed. The test difficulty level of this achievement test was clarified by the interview of the Mainichi Shimbun.

College entrance examination reform: achievement degree test difficulty found For Japanese history and world history "basic" near modern history "development" from ancient to modern - Mainichi Shimbun

In the conventional center exam, many universities designated as the primary examination of entrance examination examination, and there was a position as the primary barrier of the university examination student, but because of the character "one shot at one point" students There were criticisms in part from the viewpoint of the burden on the company. In response to this, in October 2013, the governmentEducational revival execution meetingWas submitting a reform proposal to set up a "achievement test" in which new opportunities to take the examination are given instead of the center exam.

In the reform plan, "achievement degree test" is "Foundation"·"development"The basics" is the purpose of seeing the degree of establishment while studying in high school, "development" as same as the conventional center exam, "the purpose of making a university a basic qualification for entrance selection" It was supposed. And "basic" can be taken multiple times from the second grade of high school, it is used for recommendation entrance examination · AO entrance examination, "development" is used as element of general entrance examination like the current center examination, but in 1 point score system Not ranking from A rank to D rank etc.Stepwise ranking with widthAlthough it was suggested to change to the difficulty level of each, it was not clarified.

The difficulty level clarified this time is the currentPosition A subjects of 2 credits adopted in the center examination as "foundation" and B subjects of 4 credits as "development"something like. Basically, the subjects A and B of the current center examination are classified according to the difference in the extent of the study range, so "fundamental" to see the degree of establishment of basic academic ability and "development" "The difference in the degree of difficulty will be based on the difference whether or not it includes the applicable content in the learning range.

In the current system, the B subject of the center exam is often used for selection of entrants of national public universities and difficult private universities, and many private universities are also allowed to take an A course. However, in "achievement degree test", since "basic" is assumed to be used in recommendation test / AO test and private entrance examination is assumed to use "development", private university selects "development" In the case of incorporating it as a student, there is a possibility that the range of study will be expanded for some students.

In "achievement test" which can be taken multiple times from high school second grader at the earliest, unlike one-shot center test, there are aspects of "opportunity expands", but many examinees consider multiple examinations It can be expected that this will force a continuous 'study as a measure of achievement test' from the earlier stage of high school life for this reason. At the educational revitalization execution conference, the philosophy is "to change from competition to compete for one person, to person-oriented selection", but if the burden on the examinee increases due to "achievement test", it could be a tough thing Hmm.

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