A smartphone stand that feels serious about a craftsman "Food sample stand" Four kinds are stomach hungry just by looking

OdenYaSushi · Cake · Grilled eel with eels · Meat and potatoesAlthough smartphone cases with food samples made like real foods are sold, not only the case but also the smartphone stand has been decorated with food samples is "Full-size! Food sample stand"is.Cheese burga·pancake·rice ballThere are places where various kinds such as are sold, this time "Takoyaki"Chinese Steamed Dumplings"Mentaiko"Bitter gourdBecause I was able to borrow the four kinds, I tried carefully how much it is real.

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This time I received the food stand "Takoyaki"Chinese Steamed Dumplings"Mentaiko"Bitter gourdFour kinds of.

Firstly from Takoyaki. The stand is put in a transparent case, it is a magical atmosphere like Takoyaki for ornamental use.

Inside the case there was a paper with notes on usage in addition to the stand body. Be careful not to use "Please note that smartphones may fall when shaking at the time of vertical use or giving a strong shock" "Since there are times when it is not possible to enter the groove portion of the stand with the case or cover attached, in that case "Remove and use it" and "Wipe lightly with a wet towel containing diluted household dishwashing detergent when the product becomes dirty" etc. are written.

Weight is actually measured 141 g.

It is about the size of placing on the palm of your hand.

The back is like this.

Takoyaki has plenty sauce, bonito and blue leaves scattered, appetizing.

The material is vinyl chloride, so soft it will not hurt your smartphone. Because of freshly made, food samples smell like a little varnish.

Octopus is placed in front of Takoyaki, and it is a mechanism that supports smartphones with two octopus and Takoyaki.

Realistic suckers.

So, I actually tried putting the iPhone on the stand. Takoyaki from the back is flickering.

Surreal when seen from the side.

It is also surreal as seen from the back.

Of course it is possible not only to put it vertically but also horizontally. Since it firmly supports the iPhone, you can do crisp crunching on the Internet or mail you.

Of course, it corresponds also to smartphones other than iPhone. When nexus 5 is put on the stand, it looks like this.

Front side.

Trying to put it sideways, the bonito starch on Takoyaki 's Theppen got a little out of the top of the smartphone.

I put the iPad and it looks like the following.

Appearance from the side.


Horizontal placement. As the body area is large, the sense of stability decreases, but it was possible to use it even on the iPad. Takoyaki will arrive in early February 2014.

Then Mentaiko.

Besides the body here, there are also usage notes inside.

Weighs 157 g in actual measurement.

The softness of the skin lentils and mentaiko has been reproduced tightly and looks delicious.

Five Mentaca are stacked on the part supporting the back of the smartphone.

Egg sticks out of broken skin.

Although it is not as dented as it is pressed, it is also a material with elasticity.

Looking at the smartphone and looking like this.

From the side.

From the back.

Although it can be said to not only to Mentaiko but to other stands, there is no groove for the cable in the stand, so when using the iPhone in a vertical installation it is necessary to disconnect the cable.

In the case of horizontal installation, there is no problem even if the cable is inserted.

Subsequently, Shumai.

Try out the main body out like this.

Shiny texture and good texture, Shumai's appearance as if it were real.

Greenpeace is on Teppen.

Measurement is 120 g slightly lighter than the above two.

Looking at the stand on the iPhone looks something like this.

A side view. Depending on the type of food sample, the angle at which the smartphone stands seems to change slightly, and Shumai keeps an angle closer to right angle than Mentaiko.

IPhone supported by three Shumai.

Shumai standing in front of the screen has a presence.

The last is goya.

Here too the contents are the same as the above stand.

You will feel cute when you stare at the magnificent figure of chopped bitter gourd and the goya cut into small pieces.

Shoya goya.

This material is also vinyl chloride.

The weight is 122 g actually measured.

I tried using goya as a stand and it looks like the following.

Smartphones support as much as the middle of goya.

Behind the scenes.

Of course, you can also use goya with the smartphone sideways.

All four food stands are 3780 yen including tax. Sizzle feeling of every food sample is not hesitant, it seems to be hungry if you look at it, but the impact is great, so it is noticed that it is placed in the work desk or working desk so it seems to be a kind of communication.

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