A micro-micro wind turbine of only 1.8 mm size is completed, and smartphones can also be charged in the future

In response to the advancement of smartphone technology, the battery has not reached "no longer worrying about running out of the battery", and the user still needs measures to carry portable chargers and the like so that the smartphone will not run out of the battery. Meanwhile,University of Texas ArlingtonIn the future, Smitha Rao of Professor of Electrical Engineering, invented a micro-sized wind turbine with an extremely small size of only about 1.8 mm, enabling charging of mobile devices such as smartphones.

Technology uses micro-windmills to recharge cell phones - News Center - UT Arlington

The state that the micro-micro wind turbine of about 1.8 mm is actually turning can be confirmed from the following movie.

Windmill 002aHD - YouTube

Wind power generators using ordinary wind turbines require only a single space and a certain amount of wind speed, but with Smitha RaoJ.-C. ChiaoIn the longest part developed by Mr. Minimum micro-wind turbine of about 1.8 mm is a very small size enough to put about 10 rice grains on top of one rice grain, in the future a device with a large number of micro wind turbines installed in the air He strokes or just places it on a strong windy day to generate electricity and to charge the battery.

Two developers released a demonstration movie actually winged, and it was the first company to introduce micro robotics engineering in TaiwanWinMEMS technologyThe company was interested and contacted with the University of Texas at Arlington and the university acquired a temporary patent holding intellectual property rights and a contract was signed by WinMEMS to be responsible for the production at the factory.

Minimal micro wind turbines are made of strong austenitic nickel alloys and are designed with aerodynamics so that they work permanently even in powerful artificial winds. Also, parts such as gears and gears are about the same or even smaller than the diameter of a person's hair, so in addition to smartphone charging, it is also possible to use "medical microrobots that can be used for surgery", " It is expected to make a big contribution to inventions such as "tools for manufacturing micro size machines" and it is also thought about how to utilize a flat panel with thousands of windmills attached to the wall to generate energy at home It is said that there is.


Although it is unknown how to utilize it, there is also a system that can produce a large amount with a low production cost, and Chiao, developer, said, "A lot of micro wind turbines are on the edge of smart phones and portable devices It will be installed and you will be able to use it by gently shaking your smartphone for a few minutes when the battery runs short. "

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