It will become like this when you chuck Norris, cats, etc and she and she loves you

The most influential emotion on social networks is "anger"As you can see, angry feelings have tremendous power. I gathered some moments to accumulate such 'anger' and explode it or decide the reunion brilliantly as a spring.

◆ her favorite girlfriend
In the past, boasting 1000 times as hot as TABASCO for boyfriend (Jessie)Ms. Zina who was forced to eat pepper extract. She seems to have been opportunistic about this recurring opportunity, and she has released a successful revenge success on YouTube.


Mr. Gina prepares for reimbursement, the same as the one that I was eaten the same 2 millionScovilleSpicy hot pepper extract.

I will fill this with plenty of food.

Then set a hidden camera ......

I will prepare a meal.

Jesse who talks about a meal without any doubt.

Rigid by eating a bite.

And you will notice that something is strange as you stroke your neck. Behind Jessie, Mr. Jina who is excited when to notice the hot extract.

Jessie goes up slowly and heads to the sink.

It seems that it is too hot and the voice does not come out.

Jena who laughs at Jesse says he is getting hot in just saying "Look at me!" He has a very good personality.

Jessie, who was hit by a hot spicy extract, roamed around the room ......

It gives off a bizarre voice ... ...

I will try drinking milk to distract her hotness.

However, the tingling in the mouth does not fit, and it is completely glocky. Gina 's revenge was successfully successful.

◆ Car vs. Car
There are times when you encounter a senior junior who performs a reckless driving when you are in a car, but here is a movie that decides it's splendid for such opponent. - Water revenge!

A car with a drive recorder is running on a road with two lanes on one side.

The two lanes on one side merged into one lane, but the two cars that were in front traveled to each other.

As a result, two cars will run in parallel on one lane.

Even if a car is coming from the opposite lane, I will not try to go back to each other, it is a troublesome junk.

While running for a while, one car ran against the opposite lane ......

It faded towards the front.

With this I think that it seems to be a calm seemingly, the car that should have disappeared ahead stops at the side of the road.

When the car running parallel was passing by that side ... ...

Start suddenly and enter the puddle, cover the car that did not give way to me earlier ....

I ran away as it was.

Following the cars that escaped, revenge. Drive recorder - YouTube

This is also a replay movie related to cars.

One car rushed into the intersection at a tremendous speed.

The car running in front of this was hit by a collision.

However, the rear-end car escaped as it is.

The rear-ended car chases it.

I caught up quickly and the rear-ended car (left) and the rear-ended car (right) traveled in parallel for a while.

I was disgusted by the circumstances where the side is running side by side, the car that collided is going to escape with the speed raising on the curve.

A car that was chasing after it chasing it.

After turning the curve, somehow the car that collided got crushed gigantically and it was in a state of running impossibility. Beside that, the rear-ended car is also stopped.

I do not know what happened to get out of the road, but the car that was first bumped looked at the car that crashed for a while and ran away satisfactorily.

Some people will get bigger when getting on a car, but if you repeat driving too much recklessly it may be going to be like getting a super retreat like a movie, so be careful.

◆ Cat vs Cat
It is not limited to people alone to fight. Cat's fight has different explosive power and little love from people.

Cat's fight - YouTube

Cat catching on you. Awesome cries hurt.

And started fighting like a cough.



Bun throwing ......

Become the back and fly.

At the end I went back to a frustration.

It is much fiercer than a human fight, but it seems like a funny thing if there is no sound is a cat's fight.

◆ Cat vs dog
It is a cat that fights a fierce fight contrary to the cute appearance, but what kind of turns are shown to the dog partner?

Angry Dogs attacks cat (Злые Собаки напали на кота) - YouTube

To a brown cat ......

A shadow of black clustered. Apparently it looks like puppies with black hair.

I was stretched out by the puppies, "Help me, ... ...." ....

When the puppies gathered more, it is no longer where you can find the cat.

I try to resist somehow ... ....

It seems that it can not move at all as it is Mohumov.

After a while the number of puppies has decreased, but three puppies are still wary of cats.

Lift up your body ......

I succeeded in escaping from the evil hands of the puppies.

It is a pattern that there were no techniques to make a truly innocent cat indeed.

◆ Chuck Norris
It is a symbol of "strength" and "perfection" in the United StatesChuck NorrisBut, if you look at the movie below you will understand what happens if you make him angry.

Chuck Norris - Mountain Dew Commercial - YouTube

Chuck Norris'sMAD movieHas become extremely popular on the net ... ....

Two people who are the producers of the movie are delighted.

A visitor ant under such two people.

Looking into the entrance as to who came and ... ...

There is Chuck Norris!

Two young people who escape in a hurry with the emergence of a true self.

I ran away to the roof of the building ... ...

Chuck Norris was deferring.

Two people who have a face of despair "Such a fool!"

Next time I run on the rooftop, but the way I ran away ... ...

Again Chuck Norris appeared.

Two people who are already trying to break heart.

I am too scared to get caught up by Chuck Norris, jumping from the rooftop to the next building.

But it will fall.

Luckily I will fall on the garbage container ... ...

Chuck Norris who has already been waiting for ahead.

The next will try to escape into the building ... ...

Beyond the door ......

Chuck Norris holding the camera.

And Chuck Norris succeeded in successfully challenging the two who made their own MAD movie.

"Bullets avoid Chuck Norris" and "Main causes of death in the United States are 1. Heart disease, 2. Chuck Norris, 3. Cancer"Chuck Norris FactThere are, so it may be that this CM was probably based on a true story ... ....

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