36 types of gadgets / services that can not be removed when returning 2013 Total Summary

In 2013IPhone 5s,IPad Air,PS4Various gadgets such as, have been released,FORTUNEThe magazine staff listed 36 kinds of impressive gadget · net service on looking back on 2013.

36 coolest gadgets of 2013 - FORTUNE

◆ 01:Sprng

Accessory to prevent the earphone from falling from the ear by attaching to the iPod's earphone "EarPod". 10 dollars (about 1040 yen).

◆ 02:Xbox One

It is already sold in North America as a new type of game machine of Microsoft, and it is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2014 in Japan. From 499 dollars (about 50,000 yen).

◆ 03:Pebble Smartwatch

Smart watch to work with iPhone · Android smartphone. It is 150 dollars (about 15,500 yen).

◆ 04:Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon's 7 inch tablet. At a low price of 24,800 yen (16 GB) to 33,800 yen (64 GB)Selling also in Japan.

◆ 05:Wii U

Nintendo's successor to home video game consoles "Wii". From 26,250 yen.

◆ 06:IPad Air

The new iPad realized the thinness of 7.5 mm. From 51,800 yen (16 GB) to 81,800 yen (128 GB)Saleis.

◆ 07:Roku 3

A media player that can enjoy Internet streaming movies on television, parents who show animation to children have continued and became a huge hit in the nation. It is 99 dollars (about 13 300 yen).

◆ 08:IPad mini Retina display model

IPad mini's new model with Retina display · The latest OS "iOS 7" is installed. From 41,900 yen (16 GB) to 71,800 yen (128 GB)Saleis.

◆ 09:Nest Protect

Fire alarm in conjunction with smartphones and tablet terminals. It is 129 dollars (about 13,500 yen).

◆ 10:Nutribullet

With an output of 600 W, a juicer that can finely grind vegetables and fruits to fibers. It is 99 dollars (about 13 300 yen).

◆ 11:Coin

Electronic wallet that can group multiple cards such as credit cards and debit cards ("Coin" which can use a plurality of cards such as Cresca and cash card at the same time - GIGAZINE). It is 55 dollars (about 5700 yen).

◆ 12:Egg Minder

A tray that displays the number of eggs in a refrigerator on a smartphone and distinguishes old eggs. $ 69 (about 7200 yen).

◆ 13:Dell UltraSharp U2713HM

27 inch IPS liquid crystal monitor with resolution of WQHD (2560 × 1440). It is on sale at 50,980 yen in Japan.

◆ 14:Fitbit Flex

Health wristband that records activity amount on smartphone. in JapanSOFTBANK MOBILE offers services for 525 yen per monthis.

◆ 15:Samsung UNF 8000

LED LCD television set up to 75 inch model. The 55-inch model sold is $ 2,300 (about 240,000 yen).

◆ 16:Panoramic Ball Camera

It is a ball type camera equipped with 36 small cameras, and it is possible to take aerial photographing by throwing away. $ 499 (about 50,000 yen).

◆ 17:Google Chromecast

A stick type media player made by Google. It is possible to output movies, music, photos of smartphones and tablet terminals to TVs. It became a hot topic with a discount price of 35 dollars (about 3700 yen).

◆ 18:Ultimate Ears Boom

Mobile speaker that can output in 360 degrees all directions. It is on sale at 19,800 yen at major electronics mass retailers such as Yodobashi camera in Japan.

◆ 19:Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Mobile battery doubling as case for iPhone. $ 79 (about 8200 yen).

◆ 20:Bonavita BV 3825 10 V

Electric kettle with accurate temperature control. $ 95 (about 9900 yen).

◆ 21:Uber

A service that can call a hire with a smartphone. At lastService started in JapanDid.

◆ 22:Cuisinart DCC-2900

A coffee maker that can make 12 cups of coffee. It is 129 dollars (about 13,500 yen).

◆ 23:Califone CAS 1500

The latest cassette recorder with a retro look. Popularity rekindling with simple operation and big button. 40 dollars (about 4,200 yen).

◆ 24:Jawbone UP 24

A wristband that manages lifestyle such as sleep, exercise, meal, etc. in cooperation with smartphone. It is 150 dollars (about 15,500 yen).

◆ 25:Buck EdgeTek Ultra Steel Diamond Sharpener 10

Among the latest gadgets, it is a knife sharpener which should also be called a different kind. It is possible to sharpen a knife without using a grindstone. $ 45 (about 4700 yen).

◆ 26:LinkedIn CardMunch

A free application that allows you to quickly scan and digitize business cards.

◆ 27:Nikon 1 AW 1

The world's first waterproof / shockproof lens interchangeable camera. It combines waterproof performance of 15 meters depth and shock resistance performance to withstand a fall of 2 meters.

◆ 28:Dropbox

Five years have passed since providing the service in 2008, now free apps have appeared, and files can be synchronized with various gadgets such as PC · smart phone · tablet terminal.

◆ 29:Google Drive

InitiallyOnline storage for free up to 5 GBThat service was now free to use up to 15 GB capacity.

◆ 30:Mailbox

A mailer dedicated to Gmail that can sort mails received in large quantities with simple gesture operations. As a result of being bought by Dropbox, users have added privilege to increase the capacity of Dropbox by 1 GB.

◆ 31:Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple's new earphone, renewed in September 2012. The volume feeling in the low frequency range is up compared with the conventional model. It was raised a little by the depreciation of the yen and now it is 3080 yen.

◆ 32:Evernote

It is a cloud service that can store memos created, and it is possible to combine multiple forms of data such as photos, images, sounds as well as text into one "note".

◆ 33:Dashlane

It is a free tool that can manage multiple passwords at once, and also supports automatic login and automatic form input. Mobile apps also appeared in 2013.

◆ 34:Exuvius Titan Multi-tool Collar Stays

This one tool is also a multi tool that is convenient for carrying with 6.5 cm in length, 11 g in weight, which also serves as a Phillips screwdriver, thread trimmer, bottle opener, ruler. 30 dollars (about 3100 yen).

◆ 35:Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

New model of Amazon e-book reader "Kindle Paperwhite" ("Kindle Paperwhite" which can be used lightly for 8 weeks without charging - Movie & Photo Review of the 2013 model - GIGAZINE). 9980 yen.
◆ 36:LiveScribe 3

A smart pen that can send handwritten notes to iPhone and iPad in real time. in JapanSales started from SOFTBANK BB at 18,800 yenIt is being done.

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