A part of the movie after changing the woman who turned into a beautiful girl into Photoshop and change it to sexy Santa in middle-aged

There are attempts to change women to beautiful women making full use of makeup and photo / image correction, but from there we further develop women, transforming them into beautiful women, mobilize all the skills and techniques of Photoshop, in a flash Movie that turns into middle-aged sexy Santa Claus at "Happy Holidays"is.

Happy Holidays

A lady lying on a table.

Make-up is given ... ...

Attach the wig and wrap it with iron.

Once the wig is removed, cream is painted in the body.

Once the wig is attached again and the lighting is done from behind, the shooting end.

A general woman turned into a beautiful woman.

This is the picture that processed using the software further in the above picture. It is becoming more slimmer, modeled, but I will also make corrections in Photoshop for this photo.

I will change the color of the body slightly toward the upper body from the lower body ... ...

Shrink and shrink from face to neck that was slippery.

Further shrinking the lower body also gyeonggyu gyu, short legs, thick.

Small eyes ......

I will put meat from the back to the lower body.

It also fleshes on the front of the body. It has become a squat figure.

Change the color of the skin ......

Puppet warpVisualize the mesh using, and prepare a little bit.

I put wrinkles on the beautiful face and change my eyebrows boldly.

I wear glasses and a beard.

Blonde to gray hair.

Add a shadow.

Add a whisker whiskers ... ...

It covers the whole body with body hair like powder snow.

Added Boryumy Beard.

I will improve the blood color of my face for a while and make it look healthy.

Adding up to the meat meat, expressing swimwear that cuts into the skin. I will not care about details.

If you slightly scratch the small head ... ...

It is completion of sexy Santa Claus.

Have a nice holiday! So this is an advertising agencyVictors & amp; SpoilsWork made by. You can see other works by Victors & amp; Spoils from the following website.

Victors & amp; Spoils

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