When Lawson was decorated in the style of "Advance giant", fried tofu was sold well at that store

Lawson Hita Inter store in Hita City, Oita Prefecture is the land where the story of "Advance Giant" startedChange to Shigansina district at the southernmost tip of Wall MaryDid. Limited goods which only get at this Oita's decorative store started selling from 8 o'clock on December 26, but at these stores Lawson's popular product "Kuara Kuen"Well selling well. It is certainly delicious because it is kuen, but what is the reason why the clerk was sold out immediately from 8 o'clock in the morning and was sold enough for the clerk to fly a new one?

Advance giant campaign | Lawson

Arrived at the Lawson Hita inter store around 7:30 am on December 26th. A pretty good number of cars has already stopped.

Even though the cars are getting more and more into the parking lot, are they those who are ordinary customers or those who aim for the Collaborative Collectibles of Advance ......

In the corner of the store there is a large-sized board outside the store prepared several hours before.

When entering the Lawson's store where sales time of the limited goods approaches, "Lucky Bag for Advance" (1000 yen including tax) which can only be purchased at the Oita's decoration stores will come into view.

There were plenty of stocks in the store for lucky bags.

To the immediate side of the lucky bag is the commodity sold in the advancing giant campaign ... ...

Decorative store limited goods are put, these sales will be from 8:00 am.

Several fans already came in this zone.

Inside the store are other "Advance Giant Wall Pan" (140 yen including tax) ... ...

"Advance giants chidami noodle soy sauce taste" (158 yen including tax)

"Advance giant chips" (288 yen including tax) etc were quietly sold, too.

Inside the shop, we found a customer wearing clothes like a mantle wearing a survey team, with a coat of arms on the back.

While watching the inside of the store, you get information that you can get one original coaster if you purchase 1 kuake kun during the campaign period. I anticipate that this can be sold at the shop side, I am stocking a large amount of kudtakara.

There are few customers in other places inside the shop ... ...

People come together with Walla Walla in front of the attacking giant goods.

In the morning there was 8 am, and Lawson's clerk stripped the paper "Selling on the morning at 8 o'clock" stuck on lucky bags and decorative store limited goods.

Then the fans caught up before the goods pick up the desired goods with a furious momentum ......

To the great crowd in front of the cash register.

The flock of people who were in such a large amount decreased to two in a blink of an eye.

The shop side also tried to respond by increasing the number of clerks, but the operation can not catch up at all.

And because it will be instantaneous ...

The clerk says, "I will take time a little, is it okay?" However, I still ordered Kuen without losing hilariousness, so that a crowd was created in front of the cashier, Since it has not yet been lifted, it is in an emergency situation to break the package for bean jam.

With the hard work of the store clerk, customers who finished shopping already went out to the parking lot and commenced commemorative photographing in front of the large-sized board outside the store.

Three Oita decorative stores are each located in a short distance of about 5 minutes by car. This is a Hita twelve town store, a large outside board store was placed in front of the shop.

Since the main character of Hita 12 Tokamachi store is Mikasa, Mi casa is still printed on one side of the board outside the store.

It seems that a large amount of Kuge Kuen has been sold at this store as well, and an amount of sauce kudt which was never seen before preparing for the second wave was made. I was wondering why so many kuge kun can be sold, and as I looked it up, I could get up to three coasters in one accounting, so many customers seemed to buy three of them.

From the left, you can get at Oita's decorative store from Levi (Hita Inter store), Mikasa (Hita twelve town shop), Ellen (Jisukai Hita Hospital front store).

Customers who are purchasing original goods can also watch tirahora at this store.

The top panel of the store in the Hita 12 Tokamachi branch was a little different from that of the Hita inter store, and the cut of the animation was pasted as it was.

The bag design of "Lucky bag of advance" is also different for every three stores, and the bags of Hita twelve town stores look like this.

This is a large-sized board outside the shops of Jisai Hita Hospital front shop. The main character of this store is Ellen, and the back of the board is printed on almost the same life size Mikasa Ellen Levai as that of other stores.

Lucky bag design of this store is like this.

As there are still a lot of limited goods left, some people who are planning to go to Kyushu during the New Year and New Year holidays may be nice.

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