Apple holiday CM movie depicting a boy keeping touching the iPhone even though it is Christmas

The way you spend Christmas with families and loved ones is widely seen in Japan, but a movie of a boy who continues to touch iPhone with hands is being released on YouTube though it should be fun . This movie is a holiday commercial that Apple made for Christmas, and the boy was just alone and not boring, so it was not touching the iPhone.

Apple - Holiday - TV Ad - Misunderstood - YouTube

A family departing by car on Christmas snowy days.

The boy looks at the outside looking a bit unbearably.

It is the iPhone that you have in hand. Even though it is a pleasant journey, I've been fingering with love.

Eventually, even if you arrive at the destination's house ... ...

After all holding the iPhone.

There are families who have fun preparing for Christmas ... ...

The boy is lonely.

Even in the park ......

Even though my relatives' children are making snowmen, I always messed with iPhone.

When I was with my family, I kept fiddling with the iPhone, and the appearance of existence which floated a little from everyone. There seems to be a similar scene in this area in Japan.

Such a boy, but suddenly I walked towards the TV in the middle of a Christmas party.

While everyone is watching strangely, change the channel ......

Pochi pounding iPhone in hand.

The title "A HARRIS FAMILY HOLIDAY" was displayed on the screen.

The boy who seemed to be just touching the iPhone with a boring face kept shooting the state of relatives gathered at the Christmas time with the camera. First of all, Grandp who is coming up with spreading both hands.

Once I got in trouble, I was throwing snowballs.

Children who fell asleep after playing tired

Scenes thrown socks by Grandpa's mischief ......

Appeared in a movie.

Snow sling play with everyone

Is snow nice?

The carrot that handed over while touching the iPhone is worn on the nose of the snow dauma like this

"Does not it look nice?"

The place where Chibiko installs the top star of the tree was also shot with patchy.

Grandma is also impressed with this.

It is a shy looking boy, but I will show you a happy smile.

My mother who was a little worried about the boy was also tears.

The title of the movie is "Misunderstood (misunderstanding)". The mother's misunderstanding that the boy touched the iPhone and took care of the family was splendidly solved.

Everyone also has a nice Christmas. ...... It was a TV commercial for Apple's Christmas season.

In the CM, the boy takes a movie with iPhone 5s,AirPlayAlthough I was playing on the TV using, I can see the complete version of the movie produced on YouTube.

Apple - Holiday - A Harris family holiday - YouTube

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