What entrepreneurship is entrepreneurs taught by co-founders on the eve of an important presentation that determines fund procurement?

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Entrepreneur who suddenly received a "Sayonara" mail from a co-partner on the evening of the day before refraining from making an important presentation to be determined whether or not to make a contribution, "important things" that served to win success from the harsh circumstances It is clarifying.

What happened when my co-founder quit the night before our YC interview - Brandon's posthaven

Service that monitors the site and prevents damage from fraudulent methods "Sift Science"Brandon Bollinger, co-founder of the company, said that when launching Sift Science, start-up company specialized venture capital"Y CombinatorI got a chance to get a contribution from.

Y combinator is a different venture capital with which investment destination venture companies consult to gain more funds from major venture capital and influential angel investors to further expand their business,DropboxYaRedditIt is also known to have raised many excellent companies such as. Since the opportunity to gain capital from the Y combinator is an opportunity for the start-up company, it is said that Boringer is surely keen to miss this opportunity by all means.

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However, the Y combinatorPaul GrahamFrom the representative, at the time given the presentation opportunity, Sift Science was just an idea and there was only one line of program code written. While the fate presentation approached after two weeks, Mr. Bollinger made a program with a furious momentum and repeated the demo.

However, "What things may not go well is that everything goes wrong."Murphy's lawIn the street, the car broke down 10 days before the presentation, the laptop crashed 6 days ago and all the demonstration programs were lost, and the demo program managed to finish with a sudden construction, and Y We prepared a FAQ that the combinator will ask questions. Two days before the presentation, Mr. Bollinger quit his job at that time, so it seems he spent the night with tremendous fear until the presentation.

An email from the co-founder arrives at Bohlinger at 0:26 am on the day of the presentation which finally decides the fate. The content of the email says, "I checked the demo now, but after all this seems to be different from what I really want to do, I'm sorry but I would like you to look for someone to replace me. Pray ". Just before the presentation, Mr. Bowlinger was surprised at the departure of a colleague who co-founder, who was planning to do the presentation naturally, it was natural that he was angry and lamented, and he said he could not sleep that evening that night.

ByHartwig HKD

At midnight, my roommate who saw Mr. Bollinger said he mumbled "It looks like a ghost ...". It was Bollinger who thought "I want to be invisible to anyone like ghosts ...", but because time came, I went to the presentation hall.

When entering the room, Graham representative and six Y combinator partners were on hand and paid attention to Mr. Bollinger. And as expected, the question Graham delegates began was "What is the co-founder?" "When he responded," he quit last night, "Graham is said to have settled.

Y Combination Representative Paul Graham. Developed "Viaweb" which is the predecessor of Yahoo! Store. A versatile person who is a programmer, writer, investor.

In this way, the presentation began and Boringer got a question like a quick fire gun blown for about 10 minutes. While answering the question from the left, the presentation proceeded in a tense atmosphere such as a new question from the right was interposed, but it seems that the bourgeher's mouth has overflowed the reply from the mouth of Mr. Bollinger. In a short time of just 10 minutes, all the FAQs prepared in advance are said to be featured, and Boringer who finished the presentation does not know whether it went well, but he realized that he was moved by wonder and impressed He said that.

When the investment from the Y combiner was OK, the phone call arrived at that night, and in the case of NG a notice mail was scheduled to arrive, so Bollinger just waited for mail, unexpectedly, A call from Graham representative came. To Boringer who answered, "I did not think there was a phone call," Graham delegate said, "I never thought that I would call, but you just need the theoretical armament that survives our question prospects Would you accept a capital contribution? "Boringer was superb, I got a contribution of Y combinator.

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After that, roommate joined the company, we aimed to get the first customer,Seed RoundWe also succeeded in financing at Boringer, who succeeded in acquiring excellent engineers who worked together at Google and eventually will have to refuse to request investment from many angel investors And things took it to the rainbow.

However, Boringer said that this success story could have closed the curtain at 0:26 on the eve of the presentation, and it is said that it is "to never give up" the old saying It is important to conclude that it is important to maintain our own psychological state even in situations where it seems as if all things break apart in pieces.

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