Action camera / pronoun "GoPro" birth privacy story revealed in interviews with founder

Fly around the cliff like a clatterMovie andConfrontation scene by Audi RS 6 Avant and Major of Parkour, AndAerial shooting scene of Niagara Falls by multi-copterYaA scene to resuscitate the kittens from the fireIt was able to shoot a scene that was difficult to realize beforehand, such as a movie containing the movie, you can shoot a small, high-quality movieGoProIt can be said that it is big due to the appearance of action cameras such as. An American who developed such GoPro, Nick Woodman says a movie about his ideal from the birth of GoPro.

GoPro's video revolution - 60 Minutes - CBS News

This is Nick Woodman, GoPro's CEO. Woodman, also a surfer, developed a waterproof movie camera to capture the appearance of getting on the wave in 2001, 12 years ago. The camera named "GoPro" recorded a worldwide hit, and Mr. Woodman was a great success.

A skier wearing a GoPro on a helmet and going down a mountain of the Alps. Next down to slide down the slope ......

I jump out of the cliff and dance in the air.

"I came down from the top of that cliff!" Professional skier with a tension rising,Matthias GiraudMr.

Since GoPro which can record by itself can be installed anywhere ... ...

Whether in the ocean, in a wave tube, or in a snowy mountain or in the air, you can take a movie anywhere.

"GoPro developed as a surfer to take pictures and movies of their own.As it looks like a professional if you can take a good picture,GoProI decided to give it the name "become a professional" ", says Woodman. "When I had not had GoPro yet, in order to record and keep my activities, I needed a camera body and a person to operate it, and in order to improve the quality of my work, an operator with a higher technology There was almost no one who could record my record as a result. "

Everything changed with the appearance of GoPro. It was possible to use it like swimming with a shark, kayak, wearing it on a hula hoop in an unusual place, flying the sky with wild animals.

In addition to taking HD movies, GoPro wearing a wide angle lens also performs photography, time lapse movies, super slow movie shooting etc.

In 2012, 138 Skydivers gathered and challenged a record.

GoPro also recorded the challenge to a unusual diving world record called "Vaticical Skydiving" that falls while keeping the body vertical.

The bike messenger living in Philadelphia has attached GoPro to the bicycle and shoots the figure delivered with the cat's "assistant".

Looking at various ways of use that can be said to be unexpected, Woodman says, "There are still things you can be amazed by how GoPro was used that I did not think - James Troche, who was a British teenager, is a toy balloon Robot and GoPro installed,YouTube video skipped to about 30,000 meters altitudeWhen I saw it, I was thinking "This is it! "I gave it out as saying," I am excited and will talk about it.

Mr. Woodman who started GoPro as young as 26 years old in 2002. Actually, I was already experiencing failure in business at that time. Although I started, an online game and venture company, by collecting $ 4 million (about 500 million yen at the time) at the age of 24, he was out of business in just two years. Based on the experience at that time, when I launched GoPro I started my company with only my savings and borrowed from a family of $ 260,000 (about 30 million yen at that rate).

The first model was a waterproof type film camera to be worn on the wrist.

I drove my wagon by myself and went out to the California surf shop for business.

After that, digital type GoPro succeeded in miniaturization was developed. At this time it is still the type to be worn on the wrist.

The sales were good, and Mr. Woodman who was born even a margin to go to the racing car school, was to know the use of the new GoPro there.

The cost of renting an in-vehicle camera for studying my driving is 30 minutes and expensive as about 10,000 yen. Mr. Woodman who was surprised at this was detached from the GoPro wristband and worn directly on the car body of the racing car. I heard that I often remember what I said when answering "I made it!" In response to the question "Where do you sell?" From surrounding students.

Watching the movie taken after the session, Mr. Woodman decided to get a big inspiration "This is amazing, GoPro has such a usage".

GoPro company which became a company of "anywhere camera" from "wrist camera" company. The number of users shooting children and pets also increased, and it became to be used for movie shooting that everyone can enjoy.

Still the real role of GoPro is unchanged from movie shooting of sports action. GoPro promoted its own brand by sponsoring an athlete.

Base jumperJeff KohlisHe is also the one who receives sponsorship from GoPro. When doing a jump, I attached a GoPro camera and recorded the state.

Pro surfersKelly SlaterIs also one of them. Mr. Slater who is also excellent in the technique of the camera, the quality of the surfing video has achieved a remarkable evolution.

"Anyone who wants to surf is what I want to ride like Kelly Slater, Kelly leaves GoPro in the mouth and goes out to the ocean, and as soon as I catch the waves and swap it in my hands and shoot my own ride I will put it in. "

"Fans can feel like they are riding in the tube with Kelly Slater in looking at images that have never been seen."

Thanks to this strategy, the sales of GoPro have increased steadily. In 2005, the sales which was 350 thousand dollars (about 42 million yen at that time) reached 500 million dollars (about 50 billion yen) in 2012. In fiscal year 2013 sales are growing at a pace of reaching 1 billion dollars (about 100 billion yen).

In response to the question that "What is growing too fast and terrible?", Woodman says, "There is not such a thing now." "Even when it seems normal to be raised in good sales, I always kept cautious about the meaning of the word" business will be useless if I succeed before I am ready. "

One such example was the model "GoPro HERO 3" released in 2012. 【GoPro NIPPON domestic regular product】 GoPro HERO 3 Black Edition Adventure CHDHX-301-JP: Home Appliances · Camera

A voice was received from the user saying "There are times when the recording stops in the middle." I immediately came up with a company and responded to the trouble. "In the stage of release, the software was shipped with small problems remaining, and we were not even aware of it." Thanks to aggressive response, the product was immediately improved.

GoPro can be said to be the perfect camera for generations who do not want to record and record anything unwilling to do. It is the appearance of Mr. Woodman who goes out to Mexico for a surfing trip. The wagon car which used to be a former means of transportation has now turned into a private jet.

The purpose of the trip is play with friends who worked together from the beginning of GoPro, but it also serves as a test for a new camera. "To try not to use it in an actual situation, I can not put out problems," says Woodman.

The characteristic of GoPro is that it is a device that can be used by both amateurs and professionals. Even with the program "60 Minutes", it is used for taking pictures in a usual way not to wear it on a polo stick.

The fact that GoPro is used all over the world means that there will be more opportunities to encounter happening.Aerial shooting movie of Cannes filmed by a seagull who stole GoProVery unusual movies are shot, such as.

Also, there was a case that suppressed the happening moment that the SUV car rushed into the motorcycle row. At this time, the camera on the helmet was recording the whole story of the incident.

GoPro is also useful for keeping valuable figures of nature. I am conducting research on oceanography in CaliforniaScripps Institution of OceanographyI am using GoPro to take pictures.

GoPro marketed at about 40,000 yen is attached to the research robot of about 35 million yen developed exclusively, and it will divide into the sea.

The survey robot can shoot the state of the sea floor for a long time with HD picture quality, so it seems that it became possible to investigate in a wider range.

Also, the compact and lightweight GoPro has made aerial shots done by attaching a camera to a quad-cotto close.

Shooting which required a large budget in the past could be realized with a budget of 100,000 yen or less depending on the ingenuity.

In August 2012, the movie that a person who enjoyed tuna fishing in California coincidentally photographed became a hot topic.

When I photographed GoPro in the sea to explore the state in the water, I was holding a figure of dolphins swimming with the boat. This is not a photography work by professional photography, it is a sight that a general angler shot by chance. Later on, this movie was to be used as a material for GoPro's commercials.

This is the actual movie.

GoPro: Swimming with Dolphins TV Commercial - YouTube

"I am excited to see GoPro being used like this," said Woodman. On the other hand, Mr. Cooper of the interviewer said, "I have never seen CEOs who use the word" to get excited like you "so far.

Woodman, on the other hand, said, "Everyone should be honest with ourselves, and that's what the current GoPro is doing in this way, so there is no reason to change that for now "I answered.

"The world's most diverse camera"GoPro is inscribed, but the latest model" GoPro HERO 3 + "will be released in November.

GoPro NIPPON [GoPro Master Distributor (Japan Agency)] | News

To the new model whose weight is 20% lighter than the previous model and the continuous shooting time has been increased by 25%, "HERO 3 + Black Edition" (40 thousand yen · tax included) which becomes a high-end model and "HERO 3 + Silver Edition" (33,600 yen · tax included) is prepared.

From the moment of sports to the scene of everyday life, it should continue to serve as a tool to hold the moment which has never seen valuable.

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