Amazon pile up in the warehouse and wait for shipment Upload photos of PS4 before sale to Facebook

In the United States and Canada on November 15, 2013, in Europe it will be on sale on November 29 PlayStation 4 (PS4), which is in a state waiting for shipment in the state that it is stacked in Amazon 's warehouse, Amazon Video Games picturesFacebook accountUploaded to.

Amazon by PlayStation 4 stock, shares photo to prove it - Neowin

Fans in North America who are waiting for the release date of PS 4 will be delighted to see this picture "You can play with PS 4 soon!", But the release date in Japan will be February 22 (Saturday) 2014 It is becoming a jealousy picture for Japanese fans because it is becoming.

Photos uploaded by Amazon Video Games Facebook accountThere.

In PS 4, you can download games and video contentPlayStation StoreAnd a flat-rate music service that can listen to more than 15 million songs from multiple compatible devicesMusic Unlimited, A paid membership network service that you can easily use with one coinPlayStation PlusYou can enjoy a variety of movies and music content other than games, but PS 4 sold in the United States and Canada has $ 10 credit for PlayStation Store credits, Music Unlimited and PlayStation Plus 30-day free trial rights are bundled,PlayStation.BlogIt is revealed at.

The release of PS 4 in Japan is on Saturday, February 22, 2014, and it is currently accepting advance reservations at Sony Store at 49,197 yen including tax.

Sony store CUHJ - 10000 product purchase | PS4 (TM)

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