'Mp3ornot.com' where you can test your ears to see if you can hear the sound quality of MP3 files

By horrigans

MP3 , which is a music file compression format, can be compressed up to 320 kbps by specifying a bit rate value. The part that has little effect on the sound quality is cut, and the part that is cut off increases as the bit rate decreases, so there should actually be a difference in sound quality, but the question is, 'Can you really distinguish your ears?' So, 'mp3ornot.com' can test the difference in sound quality of MP3 files by ' listening to 320kbps and 128kbps songs '.


To test your ears, first click 'clip A (320 kbps)' in STEP 1. The music of the first song is played at 320kbps.

Then click 'clip B (128 kbps)' and the same song as clip A will play at 128 kbps this time. Feel the difference between the songs at each bit rate here.

Next, move to STEP 2 and click 'clip X'. 320kbps or 128kbps songs will be played randomly.

In STEP 3, click one of the buttons to answer whether the song you heard in STEP 2 is 'X = A (320 kbps)' or 'X = B (128 kbps)'.

After answering, Your Results will be displayed on the right side of the screen, and Tests done, Correct answers, and Percentage correct will be accumulated.

Since the songs played will change when STEP 3 is completed, it is possible to return to STEP 1 and test all 3 songs. The way you hear will change depending on the playback environment (speaker playback, headphone type, etc.).

We asked six editorial staff to try three questions each using various headphones. They are listed by 'Editorial staff X: Number of correct answers / Equipment used'.

Editorial staff A: 2 questions correct / SONY / MDR-CD900ST

Editorial staff B: 2 questions correct / Bose® QuietComfort 15

Editorial staff C: All questions incorrect / Creative Aurvana Live!

Editorial staff D: All questions correct / Creative Aurvana Live!

Editorial staff E: All questions correct / Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Editorial staff F: All questions incorrect / Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

The editorial staff who answered all the questions correctly were so audible that they said 'clearly different', but there were also editorial staff who answered all the questions incorrectly and felt that 'there was no difference'. It's a test that varies considerably from person to person, but if you feel that there is no particular difference, there is no problem even if you lower the bit rate and reduce the file size when encoding, so some people are confident and some are not. It's worth trying once.

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