Beef bowl - 30 yen price cut "Sukiyaku no rice 250 yen sale" Sukiya starts as a limited time, where is the winning going?

Sukiya of beef bowl chain sells beef bowls including beef bowlery syrup at regular price from 30 yen discount for 5 days from 9 am on November 15 th 2013 to 8 am on November 20 "Autumn Brand New Year's 250 Yen Sale "was held.

Fall brand new rice 250 yen sale November 15 (Friday) Start from 9:00 in the morning | Sukiya

During the "New Year's 250 Yen Sale in Fall", we offer beef bowls mini 200 yen · settlement 250 yen · middle sheng 350 yen · high grade 350 yen · special price 450 yen · mega 580 yen.

Beef bowl light · Beef dish · Beef dish set meal is not eligible for discount, and some stores are not implementing "New Year's 250 yen sale in fall".

Incidentally,Cost of a beef bowl a day"Approximate food cost costing a beef bowl is 80 g beef = 80 yen, onion 10 to 20 g = 5.4 yen, sauce 30 g = 30 yen, rice 250 g = about 40 yen" "Various kinds of tea · red ginger · paper napkin The cost is 20 yen ", roughly 175.4 yen in cost, furthermore, as a result of adding additional labor costs etc., the profit in 1 cup of beef bowl finally becomes less than 10 yen, so what is not only the beef bowl as a side menu Or a condition that is not worth paying unless ordered, in fact, the opening pace of 3 major beef bowls decreased by 40% in FY 2013Sudden braking to store large quantitiesIt takes,President of MatsuyaAccording to "The price of the beef bowl in a row is 280 yen and each company's competitive price competition is reaching its limit", so this crowd of Sukiya's weakness in the campaign of this place is exactly "cut meat" It is thought that it is considerably rushing to the level where it breaks the bone "level.

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