HGST will begin shipping 3.5-inch helium-filled HDD with industry's first maximum capacity of 6 TB

Although there may be some people say that SSD and cloud are sufficient for data storage, although SSD has a decline in the price unit price, it is still higher than HDD, the data recovery difficulty level is also raised . Also, even if you store data in the cloud, the location saved after all is the HDD in the data center of the company serving the cloud. So, the necessity of HDD is high, while those with larger capacity are being released one after another,HGSTHas a storage capacity of 6 TB "Ultrastar He 6We began shipping.

HGST Ships 6 TB Ultrastar He 6 Helium-filled Drives for High-density, Massive Scale-out Data Center Environments | HGST Storage

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(PDF file) Ultrastar He 6 News Release

What HGST produced in 2012Ultrastar He 6, which had announced the Ultrastar He 6, filled the HDD with helium gas with a density one-seventh that of air, thereby reducing the air resistance during rotation of the platter and making it seven-piece configuration, It became the maximum 6 TB. Despite the 7-piece configuration, it is 50 g lighter than the 5-piece standard HDD, and the weight per unit capacity has also decreased by 38%. Other specifications are as follows.

Storage capacity: 6 TB
Form factor: 3.5 type
interface: SATA 6 Gb / s SAS 6 Gb / s
Disk rotation speed: 7200 rpm
Data buffer capacity: 64 MB
MTBF: 2 million hours
Application load: <550 TB / year
Error rate: 1000 trillion bits Once for reading
Load / unload: 600 thousand times
Power consumption at idle: 5.3 W
Power consumption at random R / W: 5.7 W
Noise at idle: 7.3 W
Noise during operation: 8.7 W
Number of discs: 7
weight: Approximately 640 g

Brendan Collins, Vice President of HGST Product Marketing Department, said, "In enterprises and cloud data centers, the demand for improved storage efficiency and cost reductions has never been increased.HGST has been developing capacity, power, cooling and storage Density, etc. at all levels with the same 3.5-inch HDD form factor as the new solution that dramatically improves the TCO of data center operation.The new helium filled Ultrastar product released today announced that It not only responds to the demands of the data center customer but also the foundation for next-generation technology and future product development.This is a significant product technology breakthrough, and that we can support customers by developing this new platform I am happy. "

The price is not announced as of November 5, 2013,The price of helium gas rises globallyAnd it may be difficult to purchase it for personal use, andPointing outIt is being done.

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