It is shown that there is a possibility that the dendrite of the brain is processing information

ByJean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier

Until now, it is the "sending out information (signal) in neurons of the brain as"Axon"And the signal is received by"DendriteIt has been said that dendrites not only receive information, but also have the possibility of processing information.

UNC neuroscientists discover new 'mini-neural computer' in the brain - News Room - UNC Health Care

Neurons (neurons)The basic function of this is to convey incoming information (input stimulus) to other cells, and it is the reason that "axons" receive signals from other cells to send out signals to other cells It has been said that "dendrite" is responsible.

However, the collaborative research team at the UNC Neuroscience Center and North Carolina University found that dendrites act not only passively but also actively in information transmission from neurons to neurons.

The research team,Patch clamp methodUsingTwo-photon excitation microscope, We observed dendrites in the neurons of the mouse. At this time, the neurons of the mouse were filled with calcium dye so that the electrical firing (spike) that occurs when information is transmitted can be observed.

In an experiment, Assistant Professor Spencer Smith of the UNC School of Medicine discovered that spikes occurred in the dendrites in the site of the neuron when rats were given visual information reflected on the screen. Dr. Smith thinks that the dendrite of a mouse may spike a certain visual stimulus and therefore may be processing information on what could be seen.

Conventionally, the results of this research showing that dendrites, which were thought to be a part of simply receiving signals, play a role of "minicomputer" to perform information processing, change the model of brain research for many years Furthermore, further research progress is expected as suggesting a mechanism of a neural circuit of a new brain.

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