Sleep turned out to increase the number of brain cells important for improving the transmission rate of nerve pulses


"Why sleep is necessary" is an eternal theme that plagued many scientists for centuries, but as one of its possible solutions, "The number of cells important for brain neurotransmission increases during sleepIt was revealed in the American study.

BBC News - Sleep 'boosts brain cell numbers'

Cells responsible for signal (neural pulse) transmission in brain cells are called "axons". Axon is "Myelin sheathWhen excluded by an insulator material called "the excitement is transmitted skipping the myelin part, conduction of the nerve pulse becomes faster. That is,Myelin is responsible for enhancing the conductivity of nerves, and the substance called myelin contained in the myelin sheath is important for the nervous systemIt is.

This is the structure diagram of the nerve cell, the part surrounded by the red frame is the myelin sheath (myelin sheath).

Dr. Chiara Sirelli of the University of Wisconsin and its research team measured the rate of production and proliferation of cells producing myelin (oligodendrocytes) using mice,The speed when sleeping is twice as fast as the speed when awakeIt was revealed. Incidentally, the rate of production of myelin-REM sleepIt is said that it became the maximum between.

By the way, the state where the myelin containing myelin is destroyed is called "detachment", and when disengagement occurs, information transmission of neurons does not function well, causing paralysis or numbness. Such disengagement symptoms,Multiple sclerosis (MS)It is called diseases that the number of patients is increasing in Japan in recent years.

Dr. Shireli pointed out that sleep is affecting the nerve in addition to that, "Another neurological system that is greatly affected by whether it is awake or sleeping", he said, "This research result It suggests that the symptoms of MS may worsen due to lack of sleep.In future it may become clear whether sleep affects symptoms of MS. "


In addition to the research at the University of Wisconsin, it has been pointed out that sleep is necessary to make the nervous system function properly, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders (NINDS)Growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep and protein necessary for recovery from stress and ultraviolet damage is madeWe are clarifying that.

The result of this research that sleep which heals my heart and body also helps to generate brain cells is to teach the importance of sleep again. After all, it seems that the normal action of "sleeping when sleepy" is important for health.

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