"Contour Crafting" which uses a huge 3D printer to build a house in 20 hours

General Electric starts making parts of jet aircraft by 3D printingAlthough 3D printing technology is used not only at the personal level but also at the industrial level, using a huge 3D printer to build a house of 2,500 square feet (about 230 square meters) in 20 hours "Contour CraftingIt is a project called "

Contour Crafting - CC

The most exciting aspect of this project is to create parts by laying layers up and complete the building in a short time. In addition, we automate all what we have done by hand so far and realize sufficient strength even for a short time by combining robotics technology and traditional building method. Today, we are experimenting with various kinds of ceramics as a material, it is still under development technology, but if construction by 3D print using inexpensive material is realizedCal-EarthIn collaboration withTemporary housing at the time of disasterMake,Housing problems in developing countriesThere is also possibility to solve.

A huge 3D printer looks something like this. It is still in the development stage, but it is far from the general 3D printer concept.

The following is a miniature, but in fact the building is built on a scale of 2,500 square feet (about 230 square meters).

Below is how you actually make parts of the wall using the machine.

Looking from the side like this.

Beams made with 3D printers can withstand the weight of three adults, even if they are thin.

A speech by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis inventor of Contour Crafting can be seen from the following movie.

Contour Crafting: Automated Construction: Behrokh Khoshnevis at TEDxOjai - YouTube

Maslow's desire for stage of desireAccording to Human beings have physiological desire first to maintain life first and above all, one of physiological desires is a desire for "Housing". This comes before safety desire.

However, in developing countries there are many people who can not have adequate residences and are forced to live a tent.

Today's problem of housing construction is that it requires a large labor force, it takes time to work, there is danger, and the cost is huge.

Therefore, a project called "Contour Crafting" is in progress to make construction at a lower cost, short time, safely and flexible. In recent years the technology of 3D printing is not limited to making things,Means to solve the food problemContour Crafting is trying to build a house with a huge 3D printer, although it is also considered as.

How to make this is like this. Firstly, the floor of the house is made, and layers are layered around it to complete the wall.

All work is done automatically.

If it is an average size house it will be completed in about 20 hours.

Bonding of parts etc. is done automatically by robot technology.

It is like this that the machine under development actually prints 3D walls of the building.

The wall is a mechanism to increase strength by making a three-layer structure with a corrugated board sandwiched between two boards.

Looking from another angle it is like this.

Not just a house ......

From apartment houses and other apartment buildings to office buildings, various buildings can be made.

Although Iran is a country with many earthquakes even if it is seen worldwide, despite it, the buildings of hundreds of years ago have been preserved with a beautiful landscape.

Only organic materials are used internally.

Although the strength of these buildings is derived from the structure, the current situation is that the number of people who can make buildings as described above are limited and costly. However, using robot technology it will be possible to automatically create similar buildings.

Also, CO2 emissions and total energy consumption can be drastically reduced compared to concrete blocks.

It is a technology that has many advantages in many points such as economy, labor and environment.

As a future prospect of Contour Crafting, in connection with the research team of the University of Southern California,Residence in the moon and MarsThere are plans to make it and to make huge pottery sculptures etc.

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