A man who has become a rapper who sells over 50 million CDs from drug dealers worldwide and has become a great success as an entrepreneur

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American-born rapper Jay Z is now 43 years old, Beyonce's husband, a father of a baby, and even a rapper, an entrepreneur, a sports agent, a performer, a film maker, a writer, a owner of a nightclub, a professional It is also a person with so many faces such as owner of sports club, producer of Broadway, watch designer, art collector, composer etc. Currently he is seen from the gaze of envy from people all over the world, but when he was in his teens heA drug dealerIt seems he was doing. How did you get out of there and established your current position?

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Located west of New York on 25th Avenue40/40Is a sports bar that overflows with fans who come to watch sports games. Jay Z, the owner of this sports bar, often spends time watching games with his guests in the big room of this club. Many of the guests were Jay Z's friends and colleagues for several years,Roc Nation SportsJuan Perez, the new president of CAA Sports, William Sydney, political critic Jana Fleishman, one of Jay Z's best friends and partner of his apparel company Emory Jones, Marketing leader of Roc Nation Chaka Pilgrim and Jay Z once served as presidentDef Jam RecordsDirector Kevin Liles etc will come. Besides businessmen, Jay Z is also appreciated by many musicians and athletes including Kemba Walker which is the point guard of Charlotte Bobcats, but Jay Z is not only a businessman but also anything in his genre regardless of genre Do you attract people?


The real name of Jay Z is Shawn Carter, he is Brooklyn'sMarcy HousesI was born and raised in. Marcy Houses is a public brick house, but it seems that the impression was somewhat bad building somewhere because garbage was left on the ground. When living here Jay Z gets water from a fire hydrant, plays with basketball and bicycles, listens and imitates lyrics by listening to the songs of the soul train and Michael Jackson of TV programs at books and at home I heard she liked it. However, starting with the fact that Jay Z was 11 years old when his uncle was stabbed with a knife and died, his father became addicted to drugs and disappeared with the family, Shawn himself also became introverted and did not open hearts around It is going to fall to a seller of drugs even worse.

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In the area where he was born and raised cocaine spread all over, Marcy Houses where low-income people gather there are cocaine's empty bottles and regular drug addicts around there, corrupting air that is hard to explain He said that he was full. In that situation Jay Z sold drugs but said that they never used it. To make and sell drugs, someone has to manage the budget, thatMoney managementIt is said that he was working. When Jay Z leaves the town and went to torrent, I notice that the price of drugs jumps up to three times as much as the price of drugs. So selling drugs seems to have earned more money than local drug dealers. Spending narcotics in a devastated city, that saved Jay Z from such a lifemusicswas.

Jay Z says, "Things that handed out half Higurashi can not succeed, I could not succeed at the beginning with music, I had to focus on music completely." According to the word, Jay Z will draw away from drug trading at all and concentrate on music. But at first it seems that I could not get a record contract. It involved a bad reputation about Jay Z, saying, "There was a quarrel in the night club and an arrest went out." "How long do you think you've experienced such a thing as you have a quarrel with a nightclub and a knife comes out? I have been spending the same kind of brutality like those of men until then, but no more He also understood that he should understand that he should not repeat the same thing. "By adhering to music seriously and accepting his mistake, Jay Z rushed up the stairs to success at a stroke It was.

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Everyone now knows that Jay Z was a drug dealer before, but because there are friends and families who know him well, that kind of thing is merely noisy, Jay Z I will talk.

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Jay Z is also known as a rapper or business entrepreneur, but will step into the business of a sports agent newly. Jay Z says, "Do you know how many people are out of the sentence three years after retiring from active service? I want to help those players.I was a drug dealer, "If you know how to manage gold, you can tell if you manage money," he said, actually contracting with Oklahoma City-Thunder's Kevin Durant as a sports agent, or Robinson Kano and New York Jets' quarterback, who is second baseman of the Yankees, Gino · I will contract with so-called people such as Smith, Victor Cruz of New York Giants. Jay Z who has won many record contracts as a musician so far and has acquired skills such as branding, marketing, advertisement as a businessman, but his abundant life experience and his charm attract many sports players It seems to be. The existence of Jay Z who is not committed to making money with a contract with a player is now a big threat to other sports representatives.

"Jay Z is a star of the hope of a pure citizen who has crawled up from dark dark poverty and racial discrimination," says William Wesley.

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Other than Jay ZBrooklyn NetsA face as an owner of the store, as a designer who designed a new logo of the netz, and furthermoreProject to collaborate with Barneys New York and sell high brand items in the holiday seasonIt is also progressing. In addition, 25% of the sales of this project will be donated to the "Sean Carter Scholarship Fund" launched by Jay Z. It seems that there is no doubt that continuing to challenge new things is a major factor that makes Jay Z a big flavor as a musician or businessman.

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