"FAMOUS WORKSPACES" that you can see workplaces of celebrities and great people of the world at once

Creating an environment for doing work is important for efficient work. FAMOUS WORKSPACES "photos of various celebrities' offices and workplaces, from historical TV star to historical figures who have moved the world.

Famous Workspaces

◆ 01: Martin Luther King Jr.
King, who made a speech beginning with "I have a dream." (In my dream), in 1964Nobel Peace PrizeIn 1968, four years later, he was destroyed in a ruin in Memphis, Tenn.

◆ 02: Ryan Seacrest
Popular American TV showAmerican IdolWe are known for hosting such as.

◆ 03: Bill Clinton
The 42nd President of the United States of America. With Barack Obama 's 44th President at his own office in Harlem.

◆ 04: Josh Schwartz
As "The OC" and "Gossip Girl", they are popular TV drama makers in the United States, film director. TV comedy series that I also participated inHeart of DickseyIn a set of.

◆ 05: Robin · Quibers
Famous radio / personality she has worked as a "King of All Media" combination of DJ Howard Stern for many years. Currently it is endometrial cancer and fighting illness.

◆ 06: Dan Diodio
Marvel ComicsIt is one of the two largest American comic publishing companiesDC ComicsJoint issuer. Comic books are lined up in the bookshelf.

◆ 07: John Mayer
It is an American singer-songwriter, famous as a guitarist.

The mixer table reflected on the second piece is said to be one billion yen yenSSLIt is a super high class console.

◆ 08: Charles Dickens
A British novelist. The masterpieceOliver twist,Christmas carol,David · Copa FieldSuch.

◆ 09: Sharon Osbourne
It is called "the emperor of heavy metal"Ozzy OsbourneWife, a businessman. Popular rock event "OzfestIt is also the person who launched. There is a casual portrait of Ozzy on the first desk.

◆ 10: Tigan & Sara
A twin pop unit from Canada. At the studio while recording.

◆ 11: Inventionland Company
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, USAInventionlandCompany's internal landscape. As a company engaged in "inventing", the creative environment is expanding.

◆ 12: Eric Kohler
Interior designer active in New York · Fifth Avenue.

◆ 13: Maurice Sendak
"About 20 million copies sold worldwide"Wherever there are peopleA famous American picture book writer.

◆ 14: Mark Zuckerberg
While attending Harvard UniversityFacebookWe are currently CEO. In 2011, it was ranked 14th in the US ranking number by Economic magazine Forbes magazine.

◆ 15: Mitt Romney
As a "Romney candidate" in the US presidential election, an American politician heard in news etc in Japan. In 2012, we have been defeated in a battle with President Barack Obama.

◆ 16: Microsoft · Netherlands
Not only the headquarters but also the Netherlands, an open office spreads.

◆ 17: Raine Wilson
An actor from Washington State, USA. Appear in "Transformers / Revenge" and so on.

◆ 18: Dick · Clark
American television and radio personality, and big TV producer.

◆ 19: John Stewart
American comedian, actor, writer, and television producer. At the office of "The Daily Show" where he hosts himself.

◆ 20: Paul · Ladnik
American playwright, screenwriter, novelist. Major works include "Fucked Hamlet" and "Jeffrey".

◆ 21: Google · London
Undoubtedly, unique office to Microsoft.

◆ 22: Bruce Springsteen
American singer-songwriter famous for "Born in the USA", Rock & Roller representing America. From the fans and surroundings it is called "Boss" with love. At home in New Jersey.

◆ 23: Newt Gingrich
He was an American politician and served as the House Speaker from 1995 to 1999. Although he asserts that he will run for the presidential election in 2012, he judged that there was no winner afterwards, and he / she came to support Romney candidates.

◆ 24: Jack White
American musician / producer. Jimmy Paige, a former Red Zeppelin guitarist who is a master of the guitar, has received a compliment of "No.1 in the recent guitarist".

◆ 25: Lev Tolstoy
Imperial Russian novelist / philosopher. Dostoyevsky, along with Ivan Turgenev, is a literary masterpiece representing 19th century Russian literature, such as "War and Peace", "Anna · Karenina", "Resurrection" etc.

◆ 26: Pixar Company
CG animation movies such as "Toy Story" and "Cars" and a movie studio famous for being led by Steve Jobs.

◆ 27: Rivon Helm
A legendary band still respected today "The band"Drummer and vocalist. In the later years he also works as an actor.

◆ 28: Samuel Clemens
An American novelist, "Mark TwainI left a lot of work with my pen name. Major works include "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

◆ 29: Howard · Stern
American radio personalities · comedian · scriptwriter. Personality of the popular radio program "Howard Stern · Show".

◆ 30: Warren Buffett
American investor, management. Long-term investment is the basic style, and it is characterized by keeping high operational results over a long period of time. Eating is also known as a biased diet that only takes hamburgers and colas, and once a year the right to share lunch with Mr. Buffett is auctioned and is bidding for over 100 million yen.

◆ 31: Lewis · Cornhauser
Professor of Low School, New York University, USA.

◆ 32: Stephen Colbera
American comedian. It is known for its sarcastic and entertaining style.

◆ 33: Hanif · Kuraishi
Writers, script writers, film directors from Britain.My beautiful landletIt is known for works such as.

◆ 34: Milton · Glaser
Graphic designer / illustrator representing America in the 60s and 70s.

◆ 35: Mark Jacobs and Robert Duffy
The office shared with Marc Jacobs who was a former 'Louis Vuitton' designer and Robert Duffy, our partner.

◆ 36: L. A. Lead
Heavenly in the American music world, Epic Records Chairman and Chief Executive Officer under the umbrella of Sony Music.

◆ 37: Hillary Clinton
He was the first lady of the 43rd President of the United States of America and served as Secretary of State under the Obama administration. Mr. Clinton, who has repeated candidacy for presidential election several times, this picture is a photograph at the "office" established in the US military C - 17 transport plane.

◆ 38: Maya Angelow
Activities for improving the status of blacks with backgrounds such as poets, writers, screenwriters, film directors, singers, actors, etc. "Singing, birds who can not go out" published in 1969 became the best seller.

◆ 39: Martha Stewart
Life coordinator · creator proposing lifestyle (lifestyle) such as cooking, gardening, handicrafts, indoor decoration.

◆ 40: Elmore Leonard
Novelist, writer.

◆ 41: Steve Ballmer
In 2000 he took office as Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft from Bill Gates. It was announced in August 2013 that he will retire within the next year.

◆ 42: Roald Dahl
Writers and writers from Britain · South Wales · Cardiff. Hayao Miyazaki is known to be a fan of Mr. Dahl.

◆ 43: David Allen
Proponent of "Personal workflow management method" GTD (Getting Things Done) ".

◆ 44: Carl Lagerfeld
Fashion designer who is a designer in Fendi and Chanel.

◆ 45: Matthew Winer
Producer who works on TV series such as "Mad Men".

◆ 46: Martin Amis
A British novelist. I am a professor at the University of Manchester.

◆ 47: Tina Fei
She is an American actress and writer and won numerous awards, including the Emmy Awards five times.

◆ 48: Conan O'Brien
Popular comedian in America. He is hosting numerous TV shows such as "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" and "Conan", and the photo is "The Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien" at that time's office Things taken.

◆ 49: Bob Dylan
A singer-songwriter famous for famous songs such as "blown by the wind", "Mr. Tumbling Man", "Like a Rolling Stone". Pictures were taken at the home studio in the 1980s.

◆ 50: Al Gore
American politician. During the Clinton administration he served as vice president for the second term eight years. Currently we are engaged in environmental problems and global warming issues.

◆ 51: Steve Jobs
It is famous for the episode that Apple Computer Founder, who is once kicked out of the company, but later returned to Apple that got into management difficulties and restored. The pictures are those of 2004 and 1982, both at home.

◆ 52: Mari Andrews
Artist and sculptor. At her atelier.

◆ 53: Albert Einstein
German-born Jewish theoretical physicist. Especially famous for special relativity theory and general relativity theory. It is also known as a big sunrise. The picture was taken in the office on the day Mr. died.

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