Policy to make it easier for YouTube to improve comments on uploaded movies

ByNelson de Witt

On YouTube, there are fun movies published for the purpose of seeing everyone because they were able to take interesting pictures, but there are also movies that invite discussions. In many movies, the comment field is not that noticeable, but slander slandering may be spread among posters and commenters, and it may become unstable to see. Therefore, on YouTube, it seems that we are making a policy to personalize comment function more and make it easy to see.

YouTube Says It Will Start Cleaning Up Its Comments - Peter Kafka - Social - AllThingsD

Under this policy, it is raised that there are movies in which comments are too bad. One example given by AllThings D is NFL's star playerMercerous · WillieIntoMiley CyrusA picture about a question about Twerk (network).

Miley Cyrus Twerking Video! - YouTube

Miley Cyrus is one of the top idols in the U.S. It is also known for doing a dance called "towork" that shakes the butt fiercely back and forth. The above movie itself was uploaded in June, but Miley is singing at the MTV Video · Music Awards held in AugustRobin · ChicWe showed a network of shapes that would attach your ass to your groin. It became to be badly criticized, and comments like contents that attack Miley also gathered in the comment column of the above movie.

In fact, what kind of work was it is understood by seeing this movie. Since it is criticized as "It is not a dance that the child is also seeing, although it is a time zone," cautions are required for playing in the workplace.

Miley Cyrus Twerking On Robin Thicke MTV awards 2013 in nude PVC bikini - YouTube

In this way, if it is a movie that becomes the argument, the impressor who originally wanted to read should be buried. When personalized (individualization) of the comment field is done, it is thought that comments of movie contributors and friends registered persons are easy to see, contributors should be more visible than before. In addition, by setting NG words, it will be possible to prohibit comments on humans who post only advertising comments or slander comments.

Also, since celebrities and experts' comments can be given "weights", for example, if an artist can emphasize when it leaves a comment on another artist's PV or music video, , And expectations are gathered.

Even now, there is a spam reporting function, but it seems that ants are pretty that it will make effective use of friends registration.

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