【Old News】 Nintendo's former president Mr. Yamauchi died of Nintendo Nintendo died

Yamanouchi who died as a global manufacturer by "Family Computer" and "Game Boy" died, Nintendo which was a card player / flower basket maker died. I was 85 years old.

Current affairs dot com: Daisuke Yamauchi death = Nintendo is a global company

The death: Mr. Yamauchi 85 years old = President of former Nintendo - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Mr. Yamauchi was 1949 when he was a university, after taking over as a grandfather, who was the president, fell ill, took over as the president. At that time Nintendo was a company making a flower card and cards, but attention was paid to game machines to get out of there, in 1983Masayuki UemuraIt became a hit product that "Family computer" developed mainly by Mr. and others was released and more than 60 million units can be sold worldwide.

In 1989Mr. YokoiPresident Yamauchi, who pulled Nintendo as a leader in the game industry, including releasing "Game Boy" developed by Mr. and others in 1996, but in 2002 he was president of Satoshi Iwata, I was retiring.

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