Image uploader 'Pictr' that data disappears after a specified time



There is a service called 'efemr' that automatically deletes tweets after a specified time in Twitter related services, but the service that can be called the image uploader version is ' Pictr '. If you set the time from '1 minute' to '3 hours' when uploading, the data will be automatically deleted when the time has passed. In addition, “Love” and “Hate” buttons are provided, and a unique function is provided that increases or decreases the data retention period by clicking either button.

Pictr-up yours!

To upload a photo, click “Upload” at the top right of the page

Click Browse

Select the file you want to upload and click 'Open'

Select the retention period from the pull-down menu under 'Choose the expiration time:'. I chose 15 minutes here.

Finally click 'Upload the picture'

The uploaded image is displayed on the top page.

When you click on the image, a single page will open, displaying the “Love” and “Hate” buttons and the remaining time.

By clicking the “Love” and “Hate” buttons, you can change the image retention period. For example, if you click the 'Hate' button for this photo uploaded in 1 hour remaining time ...

The remaining time was reduced to about half, 29 minutes 51 seconds.

As a result of continuing to click, it halved more and more, finally 36 seconds remaining.

Finally, click “Hate” again to return to the top screen. There are no more images.

Next, try “Love”. The remaining time at the time of uploading the image is about 30 minutes.

Clicking “Love” increased to 30 minutes 51 seconds.

It is as follows when I record how it feels like the time increases, and the increase is not constant.

Such an error occurred when the file size exceeded about 2MB.

It is explained that this service does not require login and does not use cookies, and there is no risk of obtaining personal data.

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