A movie that summarizes the research results of adverse effects of withdrawal "What if You Stopped Going Outside?"

The number of young unemployed people commonly referred to as NEET is about 630,000, which is "Heisei era25 year edition Child · youth white paper (2013 edition)"It is estimated that the withdrawal population in the broad sense is 696 thousand people. If I live on my home for a long time, I got a summary of what the human body has to do with "What If You Stopped Going Outside?"is.

What If You Stopped Going Outside? - YouTube

The sunlight emitted from the sun is falling to the earth after a distance of 149.6 million km.

It passes through the atmosphere and illuminates people 's skin with comfortable sunlight.

When sunlight strikes the skin, half of the vitamin D required in the body is made by sunlight.

Also, cholesterol ingested from food is preserved in the human skin ... ...

When ultraviolet rays hit there, cholesterol changes to vitamin D.

The newly made vitamin D is sent to the liver through blood vessels.

And vitamin D changes to calcidiol in the liver.

Calcdiol is sent to the kidneys ......

CalcitriolWill be made.

This calcitriol has the function of increasing the calcium concentration in the blood, so it has the function of forming and strengthening bone.

If it takes a lot of sunlight, it can grow vitamin D and grow bone like a plant growing with sunlight.

If vitamin D is deficient, the immune function will decrease and the risk for osteoporosis will rise. In addition, Vitamin D is also effective for cancer, heart disease, depression prevention.

In the cold climate region, there is little sunlight during the day,Seasonal affective disorderOften you will feel.

However, it is not caused only by vitamin D and sunlight, but it affects the body and mind by the environment. In the city life, the brain is easy to feel stress and fear, there are research results that the brain becomes more sensitive to stability, sympathy, love when living in the natural environment.

Also, while sitting and watching YouTube for several hours seems to be harmless at first glance, another research resultType 2 diabetesAnd cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, the survey results for more than 200,000 people show that there is a strong correlation between sitting time and lifetime.

Now do not sit outside and let's live longer than the lifetime you have.

In other words, living in an urban area stresses the body and mind, and sitting idly without touching nature means that research results that trigger various diseases have come out, urban life Long people should go outdoors on holidays to improve the possibility of living happier than they are now.

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