"Spyder Lenscal" which can correct autofocus focus of digital single lens camera by itself

Speaking of digital single lens reflex cameras, it is a convenient and enjoyable place to change lenses, adjust various settings such as ISO sensitivity, aperture, exposure, contrast etc. so that you can change them as you like However, if the focus of autofocus is out of focus, or if the subject is out of focus and it gets out of focus, everything will be spoiled. In such a case it is helpful to use tools for adjusting the autofocus function of single lens camerasSpyder Lenscal"is.

Datacolor Japan | Spyder Lenscal

This is Spyder Lenscal.

An easy way to use is drawn on the back of the package.

The contents are the body of Spyder Lenscal, a quick start guide, a card written as "Thank you" in English and Japanese.

This is the main body of Spyder Lenscal.

The part where the memory is drawn is movable, it lifts it ... ....

Next, lift the upper half of the main unit.

And the protruding part on the back of the board on which the memory is drawn ......

I'll hit you.

This will be the shape when using Spyder Lenscal.

Attach this assembled Spyder Lenscal to a tripod ... ...

Spyder Lenscal Set while watching the leveling equipment attached to the main body.

When you stand upright in the horizontal direction, preparation for Spyder Lenscal side is completed.

Next, prepare the camera and lens for which you want to adjust the focus function. This time Nikon'sD300SAnd the zoom lensAF - S DX NIKKOR 18 - 105 mm f / 3.5 - 5.6 G ED VRUse the.

First of all, set the camera and the height of Spyder Lenscal so that they are parallel ... ...

Then let go of the camera and Spyder Lenscal by "the distance that uses the camera most".

To adjust the auto focus of the zoom lens, it is necessary to zoom the lens to the maximum.

Also, set the camera setting to autofocus, set the shooting mode to manual or aperture priority mode, lower the F value to the lowest, and turn off the camera shake correction.

ISO selects a value of 200 or more and focuses on the main target at the right end of the main body of Spyder Lenscal when these settings are completed and then pushes the shutter.

Then I could take a picture like this.

Looking up, focus on 0 in the memory part is in focus, and focus shift was not seen especially. Truly Nikon!

When the focus is out of focus, you can take pictures like the bottom picture.

If the focus is shifted back and forth like this, select the auto focus fine adjustment menu from the camera setting screen ......

Fine adjustment of the lens's focus back and forth, and setting it so that the focus of 0 fits the Spyder Lenscal's memory cleanly.

The Nikon products gave us excellent results, but when we made measurements using other cameras and lenses, those that are in focus near 1 in front of "front pin" and ...

There was also a combination of a camera and a lens that would become an extreme "rear pin".

Regardless of whether or not there is the auto focus fine adjustment function, this Spyder Lenscal can be found if there is a problem with the focusing of the lens, so it will be possible to "find out how somewhat it is not a clear picture", " The person who felt that "It is bad", once tested, you can see whether it is within the range that is aged deteriorated but can be accommodated in fine adjustment, or whether it should be readjusted for repair .

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