Research results show that night-time humans tend to choose any means for narcissists, psychopathies, and purposes


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Previous studies have shown that night-type humans are more intelligent than non- night-type humans, but new research has shown that night-type humans are more likely to be dark triads.

Creatures of the night: Chronotypes and the Dark Triad traits | Minna Lyons

Night owls more likely to have Dark Triad of personality traits

Dark triads are narcissism (a condition in which one feels an unusual attachment to one's appearance or body, or considers oneself as a sexual object), psychopathic (extremely ruthless, merciless, egoistic, emotional). A group with personality traits such as lack, narcissism), and Machiavellianism (any means for the purpose), these three qualities are theoretically distinct, but in reality some humans have multiple qualities. It is said to exist. Therefore, the term dark triad is believed to have at least some common underlying elements in its three properties.


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The study was conducted on 263 university students. Seventy-four male subjects were asked online whether they prefer morning or evening, as well as questions to determine if they were narcissists, psychopaths, or Machiavellians. rice field. The questions answered items such as 'I have a natural talent to influence people,' 'I can break the lie detector,' and 'People suffering from intractable diseases should have the right to be killed painlessly.' The degree of consent to the question was evaluated.

Researchers have found a correlation between these three personality traits and being a night-time human. We also found that night-time humans have a higher awareness of rights and are more exploitative than those who do not. However, no relationship between gender and dark triad tendencies has been found so far.

Dr. Peter Jonason, a psychologist at the University of West Sydney who conducted the study, told Telegraph that 'it embodies the dark triad nature to take advantage of low-light environments where others are less perceived or sleeping. That works for anyone who has a survival strategy. The darkness of the night simplifies dangerous acts such as sex and theft. That is, people with high dark triad qualities are like predators such as lions, lycaons, and scorpions. It's a night creature. ' The use of darkness to steal females from males, which are dominated by socially behaving animals, has recently been discovered in rhinos in Africa.


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Many of the leaders are night-type humans, and it is known that Adolf Hitler and Yoshif Stalin were night-type, while President Barack Obama and Elvis Presley are also night-type, while Napoleon Bonaparte and Former President George W. Bush is said to have been a daytime type.

Some studies on night and day types include 'night type humans are more intelligent', 'night type humans are creative', 'night type or day type is genetically determined', and 'day type humans are' It is strict and difficult to adapt to changes in the body clock, while night-time humans can cope with work changes and time lags well. 'However, it is said that the ratio of genes affecting humans is about 10%. The night type and day type may change with age. NBC News also needs to consider the problems of the study, such as the fact that college students often have very different sleep habits from the general public, and other factors that help people adapt to their night life, such as working late at night. I have mentioned that.

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Dr. Jonason also said, 'It's too simplistic to think of people as A or B, and people can show these traits wherever they are. At night, most people are asleep and those who notice exploitation People who exploit others will prefer the night because they don't, 'he said, and it seems that further research is needed.

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