Research results that the night type man tends not to choose means for narcissist · psychopathy · purpose

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So farNight type humans are more intelligent than humans who are notA research result that was announced, but by the new research the night type manDark triadIt was found that the tendency is high.

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What is dark triadnarcissism(A state in which he / she feels attachment to his / her physical appearance or abnormality to the body, and regards himself as a sexual object)Psychopath(With extreme ruthlessness, unhappiness, egotism, lack of emotion, results supremacy),Machiavellism(It chooses a means for purpose), these three properties are theoretically distinct, but it is said that in fact there are also people with more than one nature. So the term dark triad is considered to have at least some common basic elements in three properties.

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Research was conducted for 263 university students. Questions asked whether 74 male subjects prefer morning or evening in the subjects were asked online and questions were also asked to judge whether they are narcissist · psychopath · macocelleist It was. The contents of the question answers items such as "I have a genius talent to influence people", "I can break a lie detector", "People suffering from intractable diseases should have the right to be killed without pain" The condition of consent to the question of the company was evaluated.

Researchers found a correlation between the features of these three personality and the fact that they are night type humans. Also, it was found that evening-type humans have higher awareness of rights than those who do not, and they are exploitative. However, the relationship between sex and dark triad tendency has not been discovered so far.

Dr. Peter Jonason, a psychologist at the University of Western Sydney who conducted the researchTelegraph"It is effective for anyone who does a survival strategy to embody the dark triad-like nature in order to utilize the environment where the recognition by other people is low, others are sleeping and the light is low. Darkness makes dangerous acts such as sex and stealing easier, meaning people with high dark triad nature like lions andRikao, Like a predator such as a scorpion, it is a night creature. " Actions that use darkness to steal females from dominant male animals taking social behavior have also been discovered recently in rhodes inhabited in Africa.

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There are many night type people among the leaders,Adolf HitlerYaJoseph StalinAlthough it is known that it was a night type,Barack ObamaThe presidentElvis PresleyIs also a night type, whileNapoleon BonaparteYaGeorge W. BushIt is said that the former president was a day type.

Among studies on night type and day type, "Night type person is more intelligent" "Night type human beings are creative" "Night type or day type is determined by genes" "Daytime people are It is rigorous and difficult to adapt to changes in the body clock, while night type people can deal with job changes and jet lags well ", but the rate at which genes affect humans is said to be around 10% The night type / day type may change with age. AlsoNBC NewsMentioned the problem of the same research that the sleeping habits of university students are often greatly different from the general people and that other factors that people adapt to night life such as late night work should also be considered It is.


Dr. Jonason also said, "It is too simplistic to think people by A or B. People can show such characteristics no matter where they are, most people sleeping at night and people noticing exploitation Because there is not, people who exploit others would like the night, "I heard that further research is needed.

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