Seven lessons learned from 7 years spent with nine roommates in 5 apartments

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Emily Feldman says he moved to five apartments in the seven years from college to the present, and has lived with nine roommates. Although there was sometimes I could not decide a new house of my moving even on the day of moving, but there seemed to be various things I knew with a lot of moving, so I learned 7 lessonsBrickUndergroundIt is open to the public.

What I learned in 7 years, 5 apartments, and 9 roommates | BrickUnderground

◆ 1: Do not ignore suspicious feelings or hesitant feelings
Emily said that searching for a house is like choosing a shoe. Although I sometimes flee to the shoes that happened by chance, in such cases I tend to think that even if comfort is bad, I will get used to it. However, in most cases you will not be accustomed to wearing shoes after all. The house is similar, but unlike shoes it can not easily be replaced.


Emily who was unable to endure the lack of space in the closet at the first apartment will have to relinquish the sand of the cat's toilet on the foot in the second apartment, I had to endure the sound of the passing train. Every time I face those problems, Emily was saying that he was complaining with Gutikuchi.

You might think that you will get used to the surroundings such as noise, smell, neighbors and others, but since things that are more troublesome than the favorite part of the apartment will be long afterwards, I felt doubt and hesitation even a little Sometimes it is for yourself not to ignore those feelings.

ByAlessandro Pinna

◆ 2: To become honest and obedient
When sharing a room with someone, it is necessary to understand the boundaries of the room, the division of roles of each, and how often the roommate is at home.

If your roommate seems to be watching a loud alike foreign movie in the living room late at night, what do you think?

ByAustin Manny

Understand what time the roommate is at home, what kind of things are doing at the weekend, how many friends bring home come to a shared space with friends you need to. If you grasp them and do not clearly indicate your intention, it may get stuck with Bob Dylan's song coming from living until 1 o'clock in the late night.

◆ 3: Do not look for an apartment in the summer
From May to September, interns, students, and people who change jobs arrive in the town and try to find a good apartment, so the rental fee will be higher in these seasons.

ByMarco Merli

Emily also seems to have searched for the property in the summer, but there seems to be a heavy battle for the property, after all it seems that he could not find a good property until the middle of October. On the other hand, her most successful house hunting was in November, and we found a pretty property that was recently renovated at a reasonable price. However, in that property cockroaches came out in August, so I eventually moved out.

◆ 4: Money makes things easier
Emily, who was looking for a property in the summer, experiences that money has great power in the rental market in New York.

BySteven Depolo

Emily was looking for an affordable shared property, but he seems that he could not find a decent property because he thought that the budget was about 600 dollars a month (about 60,000 yen). I was worried about how much property I could find if I made a little more money, and when I tried searching for a property with a budget of $ 750 (about 76,000 yen), I found a good property, increased the budget further, In the property of 100,000 yen), I realized that I could move to a good property that I thought "a new world can open!"

◆ 5: The bed lice will sprinkle on anyone's body
Emily in the past in his bed mattressbed bugsHe seems to have found a group of. Because of this insect, it became separated from roommate, it seems that cost of about 4000 dollars (about 400,000 yen) was cost for room and treatment expenses, etc.


Emily, who later entered the Association for Bedbugs victims, will be able to ask friends about the bedbug. In dealing with these stories the details of the bedbugs are detailed and it seems that they learned that this insect will arrive indiscriminately anywhere.

◆ 6: Life will continue even after the attack of the bedbug
Something after exterminating bedbugs, Emily sometimes got up at midnight, checked the bed, turned over the mattress and stripped the sheet to check for bed lice. And the next day I will be going to work a bit tired, but it seems that the bed bugs will not leave my head unless I do not think I would like to return to a relaxed life like before.

However, three years since the attack of the bedbug, the fear of bed bugs became much smaller than before, and finally the heart has shifted to a new life as well.

ByAngela Sevin

◆ 7: Do not be afraid of big changes
Emily graduated from the graduate school and added a period to the war against the bed bug and then moved from the well-known land in search of major changes. Although it seems that the original life of the move was disastrous, as time goes by, the favorite bookstore, favorite walking path, friends and lover can also be made, and it seems that the obstacle around us has gone away.

ByBen Sheldon

From this experience, once I experienced an unknown event or anxiety, I realized that a big change will enrich human life.

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