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On July 7 racehorse · Durandal who was active in winning GI's mile championship in 2003 and 2004, winning the JRA award for the second year in a row,He died at the Hidaka breeders' stallion stationDid. The debut was December 2001, the classic front did not have a bond, but in October 2003 it was chosen to win the Sprinters S · Mile CS and won the best short horse, the following year Takamatsugi Memorial · Sprinters S 2 Wearing, Mile CS achieved successive victories with one outfit and became the best short horses for the second consecutive year. From 2006, it became a stallion, the first year live piece debuted in 2009 suddenly won the Ogura 2 year old S, winning the first prize and Erin Court won the Oaks in 2011.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Garapagos state where Japan's beverage maker is too strong to find "sprite" - GIGAZINE

I tried using 'Leviton Sashimi Konjac handmade kit' that can reproduce the taste of that Leba Sting with my own hands - GIGAZINE

Both rainy days and wind days, Laos monks who make a large queue for their making - GIGAZINE

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Israel TV station, successfully bringing guns made with 3D printers to the Diet | Slashdot Japan Security

Positive penguin 'Yes it is' BIP blog

Twitter / humitan: Free!'s Haru-chan female body When seeing the waterfront ...

VIPPER like me: a thing that tends to be in the forest of tobidate batami

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Asahi Shimbun Digital: the fourth quickest in the history of the rainy season in Kanto Koshin - Society

On the ice bottom lake 4 km below the Antarctic ice sheet, various life forms «WIRED.jp

"Easy measurement of cycle of biological clock" NHK News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: rain like a waterfall, increasing by 30% in 40 years guerrilla torrential rain also increases in downtown area - society

Significance of scientific knowledge by simulation (Norton and Suppe 2001) - macroscope

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Why did the English guardian scoop the Snowden accuser?: Nikkei Business Online

CIA former official asylum reason "Fear of capital punishment" NHK News

Surfer fainted with whales, fainting beach, Australia's beach international news: AFPBB News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: 18 years old, University of Tsukuba, drinking and death "with launch" with a group of swimming - society

Canadian railway accident, possibility of torts - WSJ.com

Pana's new TV commercial rejection Technical rule violation and commercial release - 47 NEWS (Yona no Toshi news)

"I worked hard at a comfort station Okinawa woman" Mr. Hashimoto "Gratitude" Upper House election campaign - Ryukyus Shimpo - Okinawa newspaper, regional news

Explosion near the Shi'a party meeting place in the Iraqi capital, 15 people died Photo 2 International News: AFPBB News

Asahi Shimbun Digital: suspicion of molesting in train, arresting school teacher Osaka - Society

House of Councilors election, net "Do not refer" 78%: News: House of Councilors election (upper house election) 2013: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Request for financial support from the Chinese shipbuilding major countermeasure "Shadow bank" countermeasure request - MSN Sankei News

Venezuelan President, CIA former officials accepting asylists: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

【Omiya Tsunami】 The Self-Defense Force is engaged in research on the method of protecting the human body from toxicity "

"Shared confrontation" to this point clear / Fuji TV · NHK Party discussion program

Factory transformed hail to a fashionable factory Factory resurrected Women's power start-up (3): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Executive meeting of City Hall that abolished paper materials: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

【House of Councilors 2013】 Prime Minister Sugamoto's "Isahaya Guillotine Runaway" + (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News

【Reading impressions】 Poverty great country Co., Ltd. America - amber colormind

CNN.co.jp The moment of Asiana crash crashes into the camera

One of the victims of Asiana aircraft accident, the possibility of being hit by an emergency vehicle | World | Reuters

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【Summer Vacation】 Joshin Electric Railway, Temporary Train Operation commemorating the 117th Anniversary of the Foundation ... Electric locomotive "Dex" towing | Response

I just bought a Kindle, but Amazon's account is about to stop being suspended | Scroog

People who quit the company, people who remain. | Target of Copywriter's eyes

A mother who gave birth in a reverse explanation despite Down's syndrome has no right to abort on the grounds of a complaint hospital "Down Syndrome"

The girl of the store official of the book off was cute so the result of trying the name wwwwwwwwwwww | Anything Conclusion 2 ch

Asahi Shimbun Digital: "Marriage is a connection between male and female" Pope, the position of the church is expressed - International

【Sad news】 Comparative images of Mos Burger and McDonald 's are topics wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: m9 (`· ω ·')

"Korippu" is a model for female market capture! : Nikkei Business Online

For the first year before the first launch, Mr. Kikuchi was dying for research on what women wanted to travel. A group interview with a woman who purchased a market research for 1000 women or a commercially available guidebook. It seems from several research that it is fun to set up a travel plan, but it is troublesome, it is a selfish woman 's condition that I want to investigate but can not spend too much time.

Nagasaki Newspaper Homepage: 【Topics in the prefecture】 The home country is uncomfortable with Turkish rice (July 8)

Complete explanation of Disney Sea's attraction wwwwwwwww: Kinyaki

VIPPER me: Karaoke I want to get better but is there a trick?

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Hatobu is a harmful implementation that is too much implementation - Kanehara - my blog can not be such a nice squid

Hatena bookmarks are bad - I am town! (Hatena)

Create Recommendation System for Hatena Bookmark Article Utilization of Hatena API by Python and Model Based Recommendation by R - Data Mining by R and Python

Geek's page: Are you ready to take care of that domain name, even after it's over?

The question I think about borrowing AWS ⇒ logw - log for personal record -

Handwriting domestically produced tablet enchnatMOON finally released. Do you change the future of computers after 10 years? - Why I love mobile

Sad news: AdWords keyword tool ended (planned) | overseas SEO information blog

Do "the right to be forgotten" change the Internet society? - NHK Close-up Modern

News - UK data protection authorities request Google to change privacy policy: ITpro

The path of diet is from scales! Omron "Karada Scan" which can manage data easily with smartphone or PC is very good! - nori 510.com

[Nikon] It was truly the strongest thought that it was the strongest snap-in console! [P330]: Supersonic memorandum

People who do not know about the camera much
In the first place it is funny that the business named "Do not buy it!
Sensors packed in a small body of a compact digital camera, it is commonplace that the image is cleaner with fewer pixels.

Genius, Kaneko Isamu - UEI shi 3 z's diary

For a long time before the impersonation remote control case, police 's response capability could not catch up with the net. And the style of trying to arrest and obscure innocent people clearly in Yaketsuko has not changed.

However, it is the battle for that innocence that Ishi Kaneko was irregular.

He was not allowed to touch the computer during a trial that took place for as long as seven years.

It is seven years in the era that is said to be progressive progress, step by step. For dog year conversion it is equivalent to half a century. For too long, he thinks that he could not touch the computer on account of the "possibility of destroying evidence" and his arms got dulled more and more. Still, because it is Kaneko who is a genuine genius, I thought about new things and I was pleased when the idea of ​​a new artificial intelligence he thought was presented at the 3rd Tenshi Cowboy Games.

DoCoMo, the determination of cruelty The end of the Hinomaru mobile phone: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The number of smartphones sold by the end of June was Sony and Samsung's main models, totaling 1,230,000 units, but Panasonic and NEC outside the two-tap were only 15,000 and 10,000 respectively.

Subtle relationship between IT engineer's "productivity" and data science: From the time consultant's diary

Semiconductor technology culture which had misunderstood Hitachi means and purposes of uniformity NEC and breakthrough point

Kaneko Isamu and Winny's merits and demerits - novtan annex

In the memory of "Mr. Isamu Kaneko", the creator of the best illegal file exchange software, do not be disturbed, and can not be called

The scene of Manufacturing seen by Nobushi Kodera (5): Strength of "everyone is here" - The reason why Nagano's "Sony's Vaio" continues to be sharp (1/5) - MONOist

The largest 3D printer, 3D Systems grows with more than 40 M & A - Market Hack

[Condi] Story that SONY's RX 100 was shocked by a wonderful camera too: Supersonic memorandum

Blog vs. Media criticism | Winnie developers sudden death: the darkness of the justice that prevents the technology country

The death: Winny's author, Mr. Ishi Kaneko, died | Slashdot Japan IT

ASSIOMA (Ashoma) »Why was Smart Vieira rejected the CM?

Information gathering method by RSS feed - 90% to Evernote by Sylfeed! The remaining 10% utilize Pocket (with homework), EverRSS, Feedly! ~ - @ hebyumetan

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【Miku】 Start accepting orders from 8th! I played with "Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Yukata Ver. Natsukabe"! | Worked for Figure Manufacturer · Good Smile Company "Mikatan Blog - 17 up from Oshigami Station"

NaN じ ぇ い: The attraction of Hitagi Senjogahara

Genealogies from "Jiburu series" to "cat story" - Parad_ism

The OP of "cat story (white)" broadcasted last night was wonderful, but URA says who was in charge of the OP director.

Perhaps, if you are playing eroge as it is, if you have watched a demonstration movie handled by many people, you are the one who is drawing attention and that skill is I feel that even in the place of video expression of TV anime's OP this time as well it seemed to have been demonstrated how much.

I want to make friends with the heroine without intervention of the hero named interrogator - it seems rg

Asahi Shimbun Digital: "Anno can not wait for Nausicaa" (Atsushi Obara's Animage Don) - Culture

Kurabe Kuroko's laboratory: Do you still see Gehabl? [Pay attention to intentional misunderstanding]

【Sad news】 Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Terrestrial version · BD version difference ... on Twitpic

I tried thinking seriously about vertical set and milk bag. On Twitpic

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Movie "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness" Official Website

CNN.co.jp: The referee stabbed the players at the football game, angry crowds killed the referee Brazil

Producer · Kawazoe arrested by stimulant use: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Japanese inner fielder is "insufficient ability"!? Kanosuke Tanaka, the back circumstances of the outfield convert. (1/4) - Number Web: Number

Painful news (No ∀ `): Raw Azuma's live songs on broadcasting accident level and topics - Livedoor blog

Why is China's table tennis so strong? : 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

"Ami-chan" adult plan to increase attention with big hits | Original | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

Bank attendant is a must see if a bank staff should not see a drama, TBS Sunday Theater 'Naoki Hanzawa' gets mentally gaudy enough: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

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Color brush pen "Pencil Leica" New Release | Press Release | PILOT

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