The decisive moment of ten movies that you want to pause and check the video

In the movie, if you do not notice in the first look, or if you are shedding like that 's the thing, there are actually meanings, scenes sometimes reflecting amazing things are occasionally missing out. I gathered such scenes as "Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments"is.

Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

◆ 1:cabin

Horror movie released in 2012. A college student went to play with a vacation, but a story involved in a strange incident.

Various monsters appearing in the movie are large gathering, and this is the moment when you want to stop the movie and watch it.

The scene where the monster hits the hero, the person who is in the control room is betting.

While ZOMBOIES (zombie) and DEMONS (demon) etc are written on the whiteboard, WITCHES (witch), SEXY WITCHES (sexy witch). It seems that sexy witches do not actually appear in movies.

◆ 2:Teen Wolf

A horror comedy movie that high school students who transform into turns into a wolf man when excited and growing tension increase appear, and starring is Michael J. Fox.

The face and nails are also like wolves.

Just before the end roll, the scene of the problem is the chuck of a boy who is close to the back of the screen opens and the pants are visible.

The person himself seems to have noticed, so fix it immediately ...

Enter the end roll as it is.

◆ 3:Roger Rabbit

Disney film co-starring with live-action actors under the setting that animation characters are present in reality, making with animation and live-action fusion.

The animated character Jessica Rabbit has strange sexyness.

This is the problem scene. The car on which Jessica Rabbit carries runaway.

It hits the obstacle and is blown away.

At this time, the inside of Jessica's thigh is exposed. If it is a live-action photograph, it can be said that it was seen with a fly, but in the case of Jessica it means that the staff drew.

◆ 4:Sleemen & Baby

Three single aristocrats pick up and throw up the abandoned babies in front of the elegant apartment, elegant living, turn around, a story to be bored in the baby.

The problem scene is here.

Looking closely, a mysterious person stands in the movie scene like a spirit

this is,Ted DansonBecause the dog food commercial was due to come out, it was made as a promotional pop in the works. Although it seems to be involved in the story, in the end, the scene from which the pop comes out from the movie was cut and eventually only the scene that the pop stood behind with this cut remained It is said that the truth is true.

◆ 5:Wizard of Oz

A masterpiece of child literature Wizard of Oz. A scary scene in such a movie cheerfully comes out during the play.

There seems to be a person who hangs his neck in the forest behind the main characters Dorothy who dance merrilyly and sing.

However, the shadow is gone when you check it up.

It comes out in the movieMunchkinThe theory that it is not a dwarf named the dwarf is powerful.

◆ 6:TRON

In the world's first movie using CG entirely, in 2010 the sequel "TRON: Legacy" was released.

In the screen to look at ......

Pac-Man who made a big hit in the 80's comes out.

◆ 7:T Lion King

Disney movie that hit in the 90's. There is a mock scene in the works for children as well.

A scene where the hero's Simba looks up at the sky with a cliff.

A place where a star flows in the sky, the shadow of that star can be seen as a three letter English word of a broadcast prohibited term.

Disney sideSFXI am commenting on it.

◆ 8:Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope

Star Wars that the possibility of the sequel production is emerging as a result of the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney.

UnceremoniouslyE. TAs you can see characters in the play.

The scene in question is the scene where Storm troop walks. A scene that strikes the head when searching inside the ship looking for C3PO and R2 - D2 hidden by Storm · trooper. This is a pretty famous cut, it is like a mistake, but what is left. Later, the scene that Jango Fett hits the head of the space ship's head as Jango Fett offered the gene to the clone · trooper who was the predecessor of Storm · Trooper was episode 2 (after the episode 4 , In the time series before) and it became a scene that makes you feel the link beyond the era.

◆ 9:Fight Club

Since there is a fighting scene, the motivational work that Brat pit pulled out the front teeth for making a role. In the workSubliminalBrat pit is coming out.

Brat pits appear only for a moment though they are not in front and back cuts.

It will also appear suddenly in places where it is not supposed to be.

Even on the TV during the play. Currently the use of subliminal is regulated.

◆ 10:Ice smile

Erotic suspense movie with Sharon Stone appearing.

When Sharon Stone rear legs ......

For a moment, the lower body appears clearly.

A man who stares unintentionally.

If you see it as a still picture in this way, you will think "hoo!", But there are also scenes that you have missed surprisingly when watching in the video so please watch the screen carefully when you have the opportunity to see it next .

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