I tried drinking the black coffee "Boss black sparkling" which is carbonated and showering.

Currently that sparkling drinks are not widely accepted other than wine in Japan, but Suntory is starting from June 4 "Boss Black SparklingWe will release. Although a sense of kiwamono drifted from before drinking, I tried drinking once because I could not see for a hundred pictures.

"Boss Black Sparkling" New Release 2013.4.30 News Release Suntory

Package is still a boss package from Suntory.

"Black sparkling sugar-free sugar black" and "Coffee filled carbonated drinks" are printed with discomfort.

There is no sugar in the raw material.

Calories are zero kcal. "Espresso 's deep richness and the stimulation of carbonation are comfortable, sugar - free black coffee."

A little sour smell of carbonate and smell of coffee are mixed, and it does not feel like delicious at all. Is it safe to really drink it?

I will pour it on a glass.

I will considerably improve the appearance of carbonation, I will try to drink the meaning.

After all, the acidity of carbonate and the bitter taste of coffee, the smell does not match exquisitely .... I had a feeling because it was hard to smell, but I cheated the taste with fragrance, the taste of espresso itself is also terrible. I do not know at all what situation I will drink. In Europe etc.Sparkling waterHas gained certain support, it is likely that sparkling coffee will spread more quickly in Japan, which is less common even in sparkling water, for the time being. Or, I even feel like being handed over by Don Don with such a mysterious sparkling beverage.

The price is 147 yen per tax, including tax, so the hero who wants to challenge making memories will have to go now before it disappears.

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