"Cloudstacks" that you can see what Twitter, Dropbox, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. are managed using

Case study page · Practical user · Recommended word page · Fully automated data analysis etc finally analyzed manually, "What kind of famous startup company combines services Is it being operated? "Is understood as"Cloudstacks"is.

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For example, in the case of Twitter it is as follows, DNS management is "Dyn", The life-and-death monitoring of the website is"Pingdom", CDN is"Akamai", The helpdesk is"ZendeskIt is summarized, such as things like, are obvious.

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For Dropbox this looks like this, CDN is "Amazon CloudFront", The access analysis is"Google Analytics"Bug identification is"Raygun"etc.

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In Tumblr project management is "Trello", Dedicated cloud hosting is"Soft Layer", CDN is"EdgeCast"use.

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For Pinterest, cloud storage is "Amazon S3"Cloud hosting is"Amazon EC 2, DNS management is "Amazon Route 53", Group chat is"HipChatI feel like it.

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Besides "GitHub"Heroku"Kickstarter"SoundCloud"Ebay"Zendesk"LinkedIn"Stack Overflow"Foursquare"Scribd"HootsuiteAs you know the service you are using, such as "I see, I see, actually combining it with such feeling" I understand that it is actually, so it will be helpful.

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