Google Checkout also terminates retail services and integrates it into Google Wallet

ByAndy Rogers

Google's payment service "Goole CheckoutAs for consumer services already "Google Wallet"It was announced that Wallet will also be integrated with retailing services.

An update to Google Checkout for merchants

To promote integration into Google Wallet, two APIs were announced last week.

One is "Instant Buy API". Those that make it possible for customers using Google Wallet to make payments quickly when purchasing goods and services from Android applications and websites. Until now, it took time to enter various information at the time of purchase, so it took time to settle the payment after deciding the purchase, but it will be possible to finish the settlement with less steps.

The other is "Wallet Objects API"It is possible to attach a bonus to customers and give out royalties.

Those who use Google Wallet will be able to proceed shopping more safely than ever by doing settlement from the "Google Wallet Button" set up on the site.

Since the retailer using Google Checkout is due until 20 November 2013, we are urging companies that are not currently waiting for payment to move to Wallet earlier .

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