Au 2013 New model of summer "Xperia UL SOL 22" haste photo & movie review

Started from 11 o'clock on May 20th "Au presentation 2013 Summer"As a new model this summer"XPERIA UL SOL 22"Was announced.

Xperia (TM) UL SOL 22 | smartphone │au

Arrive immediately to the touch & try corner

On-board OS is Android 4.1, Waterproof Dust / Infrared / NFC / Osaifu-Keitai · One Seg · Tethering Maximum 10 units. Major functions such as Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n) and Bluetooth 4.0 are securely suppressed


The color is white, pink, black, three colors

Taking it in your hand


The main camera has about 130.1 million pixels

When put on a dedicated desktop holder it is like this

The antenna is quite thin


Open the cover and earphone jack


Left side

On the right side there are a power button, volume control key, camera key

Power button and volume control key

From camera startup to shooting can be done with just this camera key

With the continuous shooting function of XPERIA UL SOL 22, you can shoot photos indefinitely while pressing the camera key at 15 speeds per second. Videos actually shot at 15 speeds per second can be seen from the following.

I tried continuous photography with 'XPERIA UL SOL 22' at 15 speeds per second - YouTube

Photograph folders after shooting are filled with photos like this

The release is from May 25th (Saturday).

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