"Deer Fare" photographed how a wild deer pierces the windshield of the bus.


Although you may encounter wild animals unexpectedly when you are driving on a peaceful road, the bus that was running on the road collided with the wild duck, the deer broke through the windshield and the deer came into the bus A whole story of the shoot was taken.

Deer Fare - 5/14/13 - YouTube

A bus running on the road.

A deer appeared in the direction of travel. Is it safe to cross the road ...?

Collision at the moment I thought ... .... There was a big crack on the windshield of the bus.

From the camera in the bus, the moment when the deer penetrated the windshield and the deer came in was well reflected. Scattered glass fragments.

One deer that appeared from there.

The deer falling to the floor and falling into a panic goes around rampage like a flutter.

Even trying to jump out is a failure.

The driver is surprised to bring his body to a corner of the driver's seat.

I open the door, but the deer moves to the back seat without noticing it.

The image of the camera reflecting the state of the rear seat is here. There was only one woman in the back.

I was going crazy with riding a seat ... ...

After a while the deer regained calm abruptly and became calm down attitude.

The picture isShot around 6:30 pm on May 14, 2013What was done. There was no injured person, it seems that the deer has left the door opened without anything after this.

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