16-year-old girls are arrested at school by blasting toilet detergent and aluminum foil and exploding them


Kierra Wilmott (16 years old) who attends a high school in Bartwow, Florida, USA, exploded it by mixing toilet detergent and aluminum foil as part of an amateur science event in the school campus . Although he was not conducting criminal acts, he was arrested on suspicion of "owning or using a weapon or firearm at a school official event held inside the school's possession" I will.

Charges dropped against Florida teen over amateur science experiment - MSNBC

This is Kierra Wilmot (16 years old)

There were no injuries from this explosion, and the only damage seems to have been arrested though it should have been only 8 ounces plastic water bottle.

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All In With Chris HayesAmong them, "This is a symbol of domestic problems" is an organization that supports young people aged 8 to 22The Brotherhood - Sister Sol"Said Curry Lazare White, executive director. According to Mr. White, "It is too severe to withdraw from over 3 million domestic and suspension punishment, and it is the result of killing black students from the school in a merciless manner."

ByLotus Carroll

Also, it is said that 40% of students dropped out of school every year are blacks, 70% of those caught in schools are blacks and Latin Americans,Data collected by PBS, In California one-fourth of the dropout is on the school sideDeliberate BehaviorIt is turned out to be due to.

Mr. Wilmot was also a place to become these victims, but many voices advocating Wilmot from the press and the science industry etc. came out and became a national topic. In crowdtilt to Wilmot's defense feeMore than $ 8000 (about 820,000 yen) was collected, Change.org is looking for a signature of 200,000 for withdrawal of indictmentAbout 4,600 people to goalIt gathers to where.

According to a lawyer, Mr. Wilmott, who had been experiencing the malice and intentions of others from the explosion incident that occurred at school, he has been detained for 10 days already and now seems to be attending other schools.

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