"Knowledge theater" in which the robot theater version "Ginga Railroad Night" is performed in a morning performance

A multipurpose theater that can cope with business use such as new product release from stage performance such as theater is "Knowledge theater"is. Granfront Osaka'sKnowledge CapitalWe are using the 4th to 6th floors inside, which is about 380 seats.

Arrive at Knowledge Theater

I will follow along as I'm going inside


From here to each seat

It will scatter like this

Inside is the extent of this extent

Seating is common like this

Before you knock it down, it will look like this


Karaaku performance of the Knowledge Theater is a world premiere where robots and humans co-starRobot Theater Version "Ginga Railroad No Ya"The script / director is Osaka University professor, playwright Hirata Oriza, Osaka University Robot Theater Project and Yoshimoto Kogyo join the state-of-the-art technology, arts and entertainment, "Concept of knowledge capital It is said to have become embodied.

This is Robobie at the top of the cast. Developed by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University in 2000 at ATR Intelligent Robotics Institute in 2000, repeated demonstration experiments against children at elementary schools and science halls, and revised and reached the current "Robovie R 3".

Announcement with a big banner

It is also announced in pillars

That's why I left the Knowledge Theater and the next is the Congress Convention Center

· Continued
Directly Connected to Japan's First Terminal Station "Knowledge Capital Congress Convention Center", a vast pillar space overwhelmingly - GIGAZINE

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