What is going on inside "Gongkai Phone" that can be purchased for only 12 dollars, it looks like this when dismantled

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What kind of parts are used on smartphones? In that regardIPhone 5YaBlackBerry Z10Although we discover that there are various differences and ingeniousities for each model when decomposing etc,Bunnie's studiosI disassemble the mobile phone I bought at a cheap price of 12 dollars (about 1200 yen) per car · We are checking what contents are composed of parts.

The $ 12 Gongkai Phone «bunnie's blog

"Gongkai Phone" that I bought it for 12 dollars. There is liquid crystal on the keypad, design is simple, but let's do the function of telephone and e-mail without problems, there is no worry of stolen like smart phone.Bunnie's blogAccording to this mobile phoneShenzhen Mingtong DigitalHe said that he purchased it.

The back is like this. The price of 12 dollars is unlocked, unlocked, the price when sold with charger, silicone cover, cable. Given the distribution cost and other factors, the cost should be less than ten dollars (about 1000 yen).

As soon as we remove the cover and disassemble. Even without using a screwdriver, the case is easy to remove.

The removed cover is here. The cover is designed to close using irregularities at the four corners.

The CPU uses 260 MHz (32 bit), the RAM can use 8 MiB, USB, microSD, SIM card, communication is done with quad band GSM, Bluetooth. Lithium ion battery is used, liquid crystal is monochrome display of OLED. There are few connectors inside, and everything from the display to the battery is soldered directly to the board. For transportation and storage, the battery can be removed from the hardware. The battery has no protection circuit that controls the voltage and current value.

The Bluetooth antenna is a small wire at the bottom left of the image.

There is also a backlight for the keypad installed.

Chips are MediaTek'sMT6250And Vanchip'sVCT-VC 5276use. When bunnie's blog asked the broker, the retail price of the MT 6250 is about $ 2.1 (about 210 yen).

The name of this mobile phone "Gongkai" means "public (public)", wiring schematic drawing, board layout, software and utilities etc can be downloaded for free on the official website, semi open source It is possible to purchase parts by myself and make mobile phones like feeling.

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